Gratitude, The Process of Manifestation and the Experience of Everyday Miracles

Gratitude, The Process of Manifestation and the Experience of Everyday Miracles
September 30, 2013 Lori Spagna

gratitudeOur society has not been trained to express gratitude for all of the magnificent gifts we have.  In many ways we have actually been trained to pay attention to the lack of what we have, or what we have not.  It is the paying attention to that lack which actually creates the lack, not the other way around.

The recent global changes we have been witnessing are clear evidence of our need to be grateful for all that we have.  Who are we, living in the richest state of the country, and one of the richest countries in the world, to ever believe that we do not have enough? Our so called ‘economic crisis’ has been a lesson in gratitude and in recognizing how truly plentiful and abundant we are.

More than that, the Universe itself is abundant, and we are blessed with its opulence, but we must claim it as our birthright.  This not conjecture — it is a Universal truth and it is written in the Universal Laws, which are indisputable laws that govern us all.

As a conscious and deliberate manifestor, I know full well and first hand the power of expressing gratitude.  Although I come from a relatively wealthy background, there was a time in my recent past when I simply did not have enough money to meet my basic survival needs or the needs of my pets.

It was during that time when I learned how the expression of gratitude, sometimes for the pennies I found on the street, as well as the power of successful, deliberate intent combined with a simple process of manifestation could assist me in my life to recreate my life into a of my dreams.  Since that time, real and seemingly unexplainable miracles have become part of my everyday experience as well as the experience of so many of my clients.

By using the tools of manifestation and practicing the art of gratitude, I have successfully:

*Changed my career and built a small but steadily growing business of my dreams, where I assist others in achieving their dreams

*Released over 65 pounds of excess body weight

*Completely rid myself of all pharmaceutical drugs, tobacco and alcohol which I had been abusing for years

*Removed myself from all of the unhealthy relationships of my past and established new, loving and fulfilling relationships

*Radically transformed my thoughts, beliefs, ideologies and knowing, essentially re-programming my brain and my body for a new and higher level of experience, so that I am able to give and receive love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, laugher and joy in ways I never knew possible

These accomplishments, while miraculous, do not even begin to explain the beyond explanation miracles which I could expand on, including:

*Manifesting gas in my car when there was an empty tank the night before

*Manifesting cash in my wallet which was not there the day before

*Manifesting so much of the materialistic ‘stuff’ I want and desire, sometimes out of what might seem to be ‘thin air’

Indeed, expressing gratitude is one critical element in successful manifestation and getting anything in this world, including having the experience of feeling and being healthy, wealthy, happy, abundant and prosperous.

When I am coaching clients and leading manifestation circles, I teach people this very simple process to create the life of their dreams the way they want to experience it.  With client after client, I witness their success as they use the power of conscious and deliberate manifestation.

Some recent examples of the successful outcomes which many of my clients have experienced via our coaching sessions and the manifestation circles include:

*Within one week of using the manifestation process, one client had the exact memory foam bed she had always wanted, at the price of $600, rather than the original $1500

*Within 1 week of a manifestation circle, one participant manifested $6,000+ for her business, free and clear

*Within 24 hours of a manifestation circle, one participant manifested a brand new, free Apple IPhone

*Within 24 hours of a manifestation circle, one participant manifested a brand new, free Mac computer

*Within 1 week of a manifestation circle, one participant manifested a renewal from unemployment insurance, even though unemployment had terminated her benefits

*Within 24 hours of a circle, one participant manifested the $250 prescription drug she needed for her migraine headache (the pharmaceutical company was refusing to provide it) in her mailbox, free

*Within one month of a circle, one participant manifested $105,000.49

Through the power of conscious, deliberate intent, the simple manifestation process and the expression of genuine gratitude, the most remarkable miracles are not only possible, but they become part of our everyday experience.  Even better, as we become more and more aware of our ability to manifest anything and everything we desire, including a new earth, we come to realize our own power to create heaven on earth, for ourselves and for everyone we share our experience with.


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lori2Lori Spagna is founder of efil’s god Spirit, which focuses on a spiritual, holistic approach to communication and healing for the mind, body and spirit in every living being. She is a Professional Intuitive, Animal Communicator, Energy Healer, Motivational Coach and Canine Behavioral Expert for the Spiritually Conscious. Lori has over 20 years of experience serving humans, animals and their communities around the world and is certified in Reiki, Theta Healing, EFT, Animal Communication, Canine Behavioral Training and other healing techniques. Lori provides seminars, presentations and workshops and leads powerful manifestation circles using The Universal Laws to help people uncover their true power.


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