Meditate to Find Balance Between Living Fiercely and Living with Grace

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By Amy Dornbrack

To hustle or to align?

I’ve read the books.

I’ve listened to the lectures.

Hustle versus Align.

The Gary Vaynerchuk versus the Deepak Chopra.

The “Push yourself, work to the extreme level!” versus the “Let the river of life take you where it will.”

I’ve spent time with my heart; listening to its whispers. I’ve also spent time breaking down barriers and busting my butt to do what seemed impossible to start with.

At first I struggled. I loved the passion infused with blunt directness Gary Vaynerchuk offered. Listening to him lit a fire under my butt but I loved the peacefulness infused with gentle knowledge that came from Deepak Chopra. Two completely different ways to live ones life! So, I wondered, which way was the correct way to live? Which way gets us to where we are meant to be?

Then, something clicked. I realized we can be both. In fact, we must be both. One is nothing without the other.

How do we find this balance?
Creating the life we want to live is a constant push and pull between allowing and doing. Somedays we align. Somedays we hustle. For me, that means that somedays I sit quietly and paint. Or read. Or listen. While somedays I give it all I’ve got. I write. Or connect. Or sell.  However the one thing that must remain constant and unwavering is our meditation practice. Whether it’s sitting in a room alone and coming into stillness. Or whether it’s going for a walk outside and focusing on your breath. Every damn day, meditate!

Meditation allows you to be more mindful. More mindful of what thoughts are serving you versus which thoughts are hindering your growth. There’s a power to our thoughts. Whether they are positive or negative, our thoughts have a direct impact on our lives. In fact, our thoughts alone have a vibrational energy. So if you spend your day working painfully hard but have thoughts such as “I doubt this client is going to sign with me” then trust me, you are creating that exact reality you wish against!

Meditation creates a mindfulness practice that transfers into your daily lives. Allowing you to be aware of every single thought you have!  Being mindful gives you greater clarity when you are working. Rather than being overwhelmed by the amount of thoughts, ideas or tasks at hand it enables you to be more focused on what is important at that time. You can conquer one task productively, take some deep breaths, center yourself, appreciate the present moment and then tackle your next object of focus.

Mindfulness also enables you to skillfully tune out all the distractions that naturally come up during the day. The more you meditate the stronger this ability will become. Allowing you to choose what you focus on! If a distraction comes into your radar, you can choose to follow it or simply smile, let it go and get back to what you were doing.

When your mind is quiet you are able to listen to the signs you are receiving from the Universe. By this, I mean, you are able to allow divine inspiration to guide you. Whatever your belief system, wherever you get your guidance, I guarantee you’re not doing much listening if you are out of alignment. If you are too busy — if your brain is too scattered — you can’t truly listen! In silence comes the most inspiration. When we are centered, we are receptive to allowing these signs to guide us. Once you receive a sign you know where to focus your “hustle”. You know where to work hard and what steps to take. In a sense I guess that means we must first align and then hustle. It’s not an either/or! They say that by following the path of least resistance we are on the right track. In order to find that path of least resistance we must tune into these signs. We must learn to follow our hearts.

Meditation is a tool for connecting with our higher selves. It strips away the conditions we have created while living in our societies. It helps us discover who we truly are. By being in moments of stillness feeling peace, contentment and bliss; you will notice when you stray from these feelings. When you notice any of these unwanted emotions in your day, you can quickly get back to your true nature. Maybe it’s a few deep breaths or maybe it’s a quick walk outside. Whatever it is, it allows you to always be engaging with people from your best self.

By being more in touch with yourself; you are also able to listen to the feelings you get. This is crucial for knowing which decisions will benefit you and which choices will block your flow! By tuning in to your intuition you can easily sense who is coming to you from a place of authenticity and who isn’t the best fit for you!

Finding balance
In studying these two differing belief systems and in comparing these two schools of thought; I’ve found a beautiful balance through my meditation practice. I am filled with both fierceness and gracefulness! For, it’s in the mixing of things that makes life interesting!

About the Author: Amy is a lover of all beings and infuses teachings of meditation and art to help create a more conscious, connected and compassionate world. She leads meditation classes in her community as well as sharing her knowledge with her growing community of meditators and art lovers online! She spends her time painting, reading, writing blogs, writing meditations all while being the most mindful mom she can be!

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