Earth Sharing

Earth Sharing
March 24, 2015 Lawrence Bosek


Sharing is a healthy and virtuous principle. We see it in nature and in our society as well. It is also commonly taught among civilized cultures. Parents often teach their children to share among siblings and schools typically utilize shared resources. Sharing is inherent as well as learned and therefore is integrated into society at differing levels. Each of us contributes at our level of understanding.

Scientific studies indicate that giving is beneficial for our health and well being. Blood pressure decreases and happiness increases as a result of giving and receiving in community. Stress levels are leveled out when sharing the load. Sharing also promotes gratitude, cooperation, and social connection, all of which are essential for a happy and thriving life.

We also all share the universe. We share the sun, the air, and the water. Like the shining sun and clean breathable air, we also share the land and resources of the Earth. We all need land and resources to survive. These resources of nature are free for all to use. They are our birthright. Even though we live in a vast expanse of nature, sharing resources is key to our sustainable survival. Quality of life also includes the quality of resources and access to them.

While sharing is a widely respected value, little is heard about more in depth concepts of sharing, such as Earth sharing, in the various classrooms we sat in growing up. This lack of depth is unfortunate considering many of the leaders, shapers, and framers of our civilization, that we did learn about, promoted ideas of Earth sharing. From Moses to Jefferson to Lincoln to Gandhi, and many in between, Earth sharing has been praised and can be looked at as a foundational part of our evolving existence.

We must remember that our actions affect others. Personal self-governance is also a foundational part of health and well being. Sharing works best when it is not forced, but accepted as a learned understanding. As we strive for a more sustainable way of living, a renewal of that which is sacred is happening. Realizing further that we are all on the same team is one of humanities awakening moments into a new paradigm of living on the planet together compassionately in shared peace and prosperity.

About the Author:  Lawrence Bosek


Lawrence enjoys educating on healthy green living. After 12+ years of consulting, educating, and also healing computers in the technology industry he has expanded his focus to assist in the healing evolution of the noosphere through education and meditative energy work. He also enjoys the natural beauty of the Earth, quantum technology, and writing spiritual essays as well as poetry. Aside from college classroom instruction, he gives learnshops on healthy green living including topics involving the evolution of consciousness while promoting his poetic picture book entitled Garden Of Love. Currently, Lawrence is furthering his energy healing techniques, revising a healthy green living manuscript, and continuing to be a part of the vibrational upliftment of Mother Earth.


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