How to Shift from Motivation to Inspiration

How to Shift from Motivation to Inspiration
March 23, 2015 John Baylor



Many of us were brought up with the motivation paradigm. What that means is that our upbringing has conditioned us to achieve our goals in order to obtain an external reward or to avoid a negative consequence. However, if you look at the happiest and most successful people among us, you will see that internal inspiration drives them, rather than external motivation. So how do we make a shift so that we can operate primarily from inspiration? Let’s look at several steps you can take.

Become independent of the opinion of others.

We all belong to various groups through our associations with others. These groups include our families, co-workers, friends and so on. These groups develop something called “groupthink”. Groupthink consists of consensus opinions and paradigms accepted by the group. Groupthink often creates pressure to conform and encourages dysfunctional decision-making. Become aware of groupthink and ignore it when you disagree.

Detach from what others think about you and what you do.

What others think and say about you usually reveals more about themselves than about you. Operating from inspiration rather than motivation will not necessarily make you popular in the beginning.

Transcend your fear of the unknown.

Inspired people often operate in the realm of the unknown. They often come up with new and unique solutions to problems or situations. They will thrive where others fear to tread. Allow yourself to move into the unknown even when others disapprove.

Train yourself to listen to your intuition.

Some people naturally access their intuition. For many of us, however, our intuition is buried under some amount of fear and approval seeking. It may take practice to get in touch with your natural intuition. Meditation helps, as well as taking breaks from your routine and getting in touch with nature. Learn to listen to your feelings and to notice your bodily sensations when you react to something.

Learn to act decisively based on intuition.

Those operating from intuition sometimes don’t wait to form a consensus amongst others. That doesn’t mean they don’t listen well, just that they take have the freedom to take action based on their internal compass. The universe loves speed when the conditions are right, so move decisively.

Take it easy.

Shifting from motivation to inspiration doesn’t happen overnight. Be easy on yourself as you discover and transcend your old belief systems. Have fun and laugh along the way. The shift to inspiration is part of your journey.

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