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The past five years have been one of significant and magnificent transformation for me.  I have gone from a material- and financially-egocentric lifestyle and existence as a senior management / executive in corporate Canada to that of simplicity and contemplative (somewhat monastic) living as an interfaith minister and caregiver for my partner.

During this type of transformation (an ongoing process) much changes in the world around you.  From a concrete perspective, what you buy, where you shop, what you do with your free time, and even the people you spend time with, all transforms.  The way you look at life also joyously morphs into something quite unexpected.

The concrete things—what you buy, where you shop, etc.—become secondary.  What comes to the fore is how life offers to you an expanded meaning.  It is this expanded meaning that results in realizing you have a choice to ‘see’ life differently.  What once may have been a source of upset, anger, resentment, sadness, or any other host of negative emotions, can now bring about relief, peace, joy and a plethora of other positive emotions.

I recently had coffee with a friend who has maintained a connection with me during the transformation of the past five years.  As this friend waxed poetic about all the tragedies, unrest, disasters and calamities taking place around the world, I offered a different perspective on these same world events—simply suggesting there may be another way of looking at these events.

In a fit of anger, my friend blurted out “Oh come on!  You’re in denial!”  I smiled, gave my friend a hug, and went on to share the following…

First, I acknowledged my friend’s comments by saying “Yes, you may be right.  I may be in denial about all the bad things happening on this planet at this time.”  I went on to suggest that “if I am in denial about what bad things are happening on this planet at this time, then it is possible that those who only see the bad may be in denial about what good is happening on this planet at this time.”  I went on to share that “if there are those who only see the negative and those who only see the positive, and those who lay somewhere in the middle of that continuum, then logic may dictate that it is a choice how we see the world around us.” 

We have the power to choose what we see in any given moment.  Life has taught me that I am much better off seeing the good in bad circumstances; I am better off seeing the blessing and hope in what may be considered disasters or calamities; I am better off seeing seeds of peace in conflict and war; I am better off seeing the Holy instant while staring in the face of a separated soul.

We have been given a gift to make choices about our life.  It has also been said “salvation is given to us as our birthright; we only need to reach out and gratefully accept it.” 

What choices will you make in your life?  How and what will you ‘see’?

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About the Author:

Robert Meagher worked for almost 25 years in traditional corporate settings and acted in various management roles in the education, arts, financial, not-for-profit, government, consulting, and healthcare sectors. Along the way Robert earned bachelor and masters degrees and professional certifications. Robert left corporate Canada in 2009 to set himself adrift and explore a new way of living and seeing the world we live in.  Robert is now an Interfaith Minister who embraces a spiritual life and now serves to guide all those who wish to accept the Divine into their lives.  Through Spiritual Guidance, Robert’s ministry initiative, he embraces the opportunity to serve those who wish to explore their own spirituality and gain insight into who they are, their purpose here in this lifetime and existence, and their desire to grow in Spirit.  Robert can be reached at 613-204-0299, [email protected], or through his website at



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