A Mystic Meditation

A Mystic Meditation
March 28, 2013 TheMasterShift



Here are two techniques from Joseph J. Weed, “Wisdom of the Mystic Masters”  of extracting psychic energy from the air.

Technique #1

“Stand before an open window or out of doors or any place where you can get clear, fresh air.  Separate your feet and stretch your arms out horizontally at your sides.  Breathe in to the count of five.  Then immediately breathe out to the count of ten.  Be sure the counting is at the same pace for both in-breathing and out-breathing.  Repeat this breathing cycle ten times.  *This exercise may also be performed with almost equal benefit while sitting erect in a chair or even while walking in the open.”


Technique #2 

“Sit comfortably in a chair.  Hold your back straight and your head erect.  Cross your feed at the ankles, not the knees, and hold them touching.  Clasp your hands in your lap, or if you prefer, before your breast as if in prayer.

Take a deep breath through your nose and count rhythmically to yourself as you do.  The intake should cover the period of eight counts.  Pace it so, exactly.

Now hold your breath in your lungs for exactly twelve counts.  Don’t speed up and don’t slow down.  Count rhythmically.

Let the air out through your nose.  Pace it to cover ten counts.  With a little practice this is easy and after a while the timing will become so natural you won’t have to count.  As you breathe out consciously, direct the flow of outgoing air to the spot where it enters the nasal passage from the throat.  This is about at the root of the palate.  Feel the air going past this sensitive spot and accompany the flow of air with a slightly audible vibration like a purring or humming sound.  Continue this consciously induced vibration as long as the air continues its outward flow.

Repeat the foregoing five times.”




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