Can you really make a living doing what you love?

Can you really make a living doing what you love?
May 16, 2013 Sherry Rothwell


Have you ever heard it said, “Do what you love and the money will follow”.

But is it really that easy?

12 years younger, bright eyed and breathless about my passions, I truly believed that all I had to do was ‘build it and they would come’.

But the thing is, despite a creative mind and big heart, along with a strong desire to make a lasting difference in the world, I struggled to make a living doing what I love for at least a decade.

How about you?

Even while loving what you do and believing in universal principles (like the law of attraction), does it feel like success in your business remains a distant dream?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many incredibly gifted, talented and beautiful souls out there, giving selflessly in service and the money in reality, just doesn’t follow?

Intentions are good, but they are not enough.

Intentions leave too much room for changing your mind….when we constantly waver about what we want, we end up at a an “attraction stand still”.

I believe the number one reason why people do work they love and are passionate about- but the money doesn’t follow is because: while they may be doing what they love -they are not doing it in a way that they love doing it.

Instead they try to fit their ‘outside the box ways’, inside the ‘business as usual’ mentality –very containing and restrictive to the freedompreneur. And because of that, they remain vibrationally out of alignment. In other words, they emit feelings that stop the flow in their business and make them less attractive to clients.

I wonder if you can relate?

The minute I gave myself permission to create my business in an ‘outside of the box’ way, while incorporating all aspects of my authentic self, I finally came into full alignment with my work.

And the floodgates of opportunity literally began to open.

Almost as if by magic, the ‘law of attraction’ finally started to work for me (but the truth is that it’s always working for all of us- yet most of us send mixed messages because we lack clarity, commitment and  the decisiveness to implement in alignment with even our most basic desires).

Want to know the mindset required to turn things around?

If you said yes, then let’s look at what might be out of alignment in your business, so that you can stop the ‘hit or miss’ attracting: and get in harmonious alignment with your desires and your purpose (hint: your true purpose is joy in the now).

Let’s take a peak at your marketing, your business systems and your niche as a starting point.

1) How do you spread the word about your business (aka: marketing)?

Hint: Do what you love, and share it with people in the way that you love sharing it (and the money WILL follow).

Question: What would have to be true for me to share my work freely in a way that doesn’t drain me, but fills me up and serves my family, community and/self care?

2) How do you do what you do (aka: business model and systems)?

Hint: Do what you love, in the way that you love doing it (and the money WILL follow).

Question: What is it about how I am doing my work, that doesn’t work for me anymore? Make a list and systematically change each piece. Take your intentions deeper, instead make a decision….deciding means to cut off from having it be any other way.

3) Who do you serve (aka: your niche)?

Hint: Do what you love, with the people you love doing it with (and the money WILL follow).

Question-What kind of people light me up, never bore me and I love spending my free time with? Craft your service and design your business to serve these people (and no one else). This is the essential ingredient for a life and business you love.

I promise that if you give yourself permission to do all that, make a decision (cut off from doing it any other way- and heck why would you want to!?) plus take inspired action (acting and feeling as though all that you desire is here now), not only will your business be bountiful, but your life will transform.

You will become client attractive and that means not only will you be served by your business (as you should be), but most importantly, you`ll love your work and the people you serve.

And most importantly, it’s your love rippling through, that makes a lasting impact on their lives, whether you sell shoes, heal hearts or help people grow in that special way that only you can do.


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Sherry Rothwell works with moms to create a business that is an authentic expression of their soul’s purpose, so that they can make a
living doing what they love -without comprising their family or
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