Waiting for the big moment

Waiting for the big moment
June 3, 2013 Kirri White

When you were a kid, how did you envision your ‘big moment’?

Perhaps you dreamed of being up on stage – famous, important and revered?

How long did you spend waiting for the big moment?

Maybe you spent hours scribbling away in journals, insistent that someday, your literary talents would be discovered.

Maybe you believed you would find a cure for cancer, write a bestseller, or create the latest techy gadget.

Maybe you were unsure of what form your moment would take on – but were certain that it would come.

Maybe you’re still waiting? I know I have been.

I’ve spent 35 years, waiting for the moment in which I would have this mystery called life, all figured out.

A point in time, where I would no longer need to concern myself with finances, and fears.

An instant when the universe would recognize and validate all of my efforts, and reward me in a flourish of bow-tied ceremony.

Lately, I’ve been thinking that there is not going to be one big moment.

I’ve decided that, if I’m not careful – all of my big moments will be hastily swept aside or covered up, unnoticed, because I haven’t been paying attention.

I’m discovering that the big moments are firmly cloistered in the smaller events.

It’s not the cheer you get when you cross the finish line in your first five, or 10km run.

It’s all of those dull, brisk mornings that you dragged yourself out of bed and ran, instead of slipping back under the covers.

It’s not attending the yearly dance concert for your daughters and cooing how adorable they look up on stage.   It’s in the comedic rush required every week, to get them fed and smoothed into tights and ribbons.

It’s not in the slow burning success of your business. It’s in the culmination of learning and developing into the person you needed to be, to match the reality of your vision.

It’s in the wisdom of mentors, the connection of like-minds and the few close friends, who held you accountable. The loved ones who listen intently to your delightful ‘pie in the sky’ chatter!

It’s not in the extravagant party you take 3 months to plan and stress over.  It’s in the get-togethers that organically unfold when a couple of your friends swing by for a catch-up.

It’s your monthly date night, when all the kids get sick and you slip out of your heels and lippie to snuggle up on the couch. Laughing with you lover over some B-grade movie, and feeding one another M and M’s.

It’s choosing not to get lost in the swirling drama and the business of living and just being there.

Right there.

Observing and celebrating the mico-seconds in-between.

Mindful, that the big moments exist in all of the smaller ones.


Photo Credit:  heatherlydee.blogspot.com


About the Author:

smallkirriKirri White helps women reclaim their lives, and celebrate their worth.  A certified life-coach who advocates baby steps to radical self love and intentional living.  She is co-creator of the 30 day self care blueprint, an online programme which has transformed the lives of hundreds.

On her website www.kirriwhitecoaching.com


you will find tools, strategies and compassion–based encouragement relating to the beauty of living an ordinary life, extraordinarily well.

You can also find her on facebook http://www.facebook.com/kirriwhitecoaching and pinterest http://pinterest.com/kirriw



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