Seven Lifetimes and One Hour

Seven Lifetimes and One Hour
June 3, 2013 Kemila Zsange

Short description: This is the first attached spirit releasement case in my hypnotherapy work. It came as a surprise. The attached spirit was one soul from my client’s past lives.


Emily made the second hypnotherapy appointment with me by email. Her emails are always short and to the point. However each time she sits down in my office, and she starts to talk, she can go on and on. She uses a lot of words to describe her emotional turmoil. She says she wants to work on “letting go of fear, doubt, judgments, ego, stuff that is causing intense visceral reactions in my body, and creating problems in my life, blocking me from living my life to its fullest. And I know I unconsciously hide things that are holding me down… “

Even though she has constantly been reading self-help books, and working on self-growth, she felt that she kept falling back into suffocating thoughts, and fears…

I decided not to take notes anymore as she spoke, because the notes would be over 5 pages. She’s a very beautiful young woman, and acting is her chosen career. She told me she had been looking for a counselor or a therapist for a while, and it was the spiritual aspects – “the fact that it’s deeper than just words” – that were what really drew her to my work.

So here we were, with fear, anxiety, stress… all sorts of things going on in her life; any of her presenting descriptions could be the entry point for the session. While I was thinking what I was going to do for a constructive session, I caught her saying, “I just feel as if there are two parts of me inside: the good part which wants to grow and which loves reading Wayne Dyer’s books; and the evil part of me…”

That was the tick. She’s not only presenting me with issues, she’s also presenting me with solutions. I had her make herself comfortable and close her eyes, “just like your morning meditation, gently go there, that place of peace and tranquility…” It took only a minute or two for her to go deep into hypnosis. I then started to invite that part of her out to speak to me, the part that was termed as “evil”, because here in my office it was safe and it was welcome. Very soon, her breathing became rapid, and her facial muscles were totally changed. I clearly saw a frightened child on her face. She was sobbing, “I… I… am scared.”

–          What are you scared of?

–          People. I’m scared that they don’t love me.

–          Why don’t people love you? What’s your name?

–          Ber…Ber…Bernie.

–          Bernie, how old are you?

–          13.

–          You are 13.


We didn’t start this as a Past Life Regression. I was not sure what was going on, so I asked, “Bernie, what year is this for you?


That told me this might be an entity attachment case. I asked why he was afraid that people didn’t love him. He gave me some descriptions of how in the family everybody favoured his younger brother, and he was left feeling bitter. Something interesting he mentioned as an example, “I noticed it’s 11:11 first, but everybody looked at my brother.”

“But you told me your brother was 11 years old. Maybe that’s why?”

“Oh, “ He said thoughtfully, “I never thought that way…”

“Knowing that makes you feel better, doesn’t it?”


“So maybe things aren’t what they appear to be. Bernie, what happened when you were 13?” I wanted him to tell the story.

“Oh…” He seemed to be very surprised. “I think I was… drowned.”

It turned out Bernie was drowned by someone he didn’t know, in the well of his family’s farm. After he died, he felt anger, horror, and fear of not having a body.

“So what did you do?”

“I go to my baby sister.”

“How old is she?”


“What’s her name?”


“Why did you choose your baby sister to go to?”

“She always has so many angels around her. I like to be around angels too.” There was a smile on the face.


In a later session I had with Emily, an angel entity who said “you can call me Gloria” came through her, and told me Emily had an angel origin herself – “She is part of us.” Gloria said.

“So you just walked to her and attached to her?”


“Did Elisabeth know it?”

“Yes, I think she does. She doesn’t mind.”

“And Elisabeth is Emily in this life?”



“Now, tell me, Bernie, how many lifetimes since Elisabeth have you been with this soul on earth?”

“Seven.” The answer was quick. There was no hesitation in it.

“Seven lifetimes…” I was a bit in shock. “So… What do you do? When the body dies, you just hang out here until the entity was born again?”


“Now, tell me Bernie, about the seven lifetimes…”

“Once she was Tommy…” Bernie found this very amusing. “That was fun. He was in California, heavily into drugs… He died too young though, only 21.”


“Yes, but that was fun.”

“Were you involved in Tommy’s drug taking, Bernie?”

“…? Maybe? I was just scared. I didn’t know what to do!”

“Bernie, look at the seven lifetimes… Can you see clearly how much confusion you have caused this entity who once was your baby sister?”

“…” There were a lot of eye movements, as if Bernie was really “looking”.

“Yes, look! Look clearly. Because of your fear, lifetime after lifetime, how much trouble this entity who once was your baby sister has got into.”

“I didn’t know! What can I do?” Before I could offer him any options, suddenly Bernie had a realization. “Maybe, I can be born again? I want to be born again!”

“Yes, Bernie! It all started by you being afraid of not having a body, remember? But you know, the best way to have a body is to be born again!”

“Oh!” Bernie looked excited, “Maybe I can be born as a dog? Can I be born a dog?”

“Why not? You know we all love dogs, but this you have to discuss with whoever is in charge, “ I didn’t really know what word to use here, “after you go to the light. Now Bernie, look upwards, what do you see?”

“I see light.”

“How do you feel?”

“I feel good.”

“Good, Bernie. The light is coming for you. You said you feel good. And you said you like to be around angels. Now let the light come closer to you. Do you feel peace?” He nodded. “Warmth?” He nodded again. “Would you go with the light, now?” He nodded again.

“Now, before you go. May I ask you for a favour? Could you please scan Emily’s body, see if you can see any areas that are dark or grey.”

“There’s this grey stuff in her stomach on the right.”

“What is it?”

“I’m not sure.”

“Could you take it with you to the light?”

“Yes… I can do that.”

“Anything else you can tell me about Emily’s life before you go?”

Bernie then told me about Emily’s soul mates forming this diamond shape in her life, including Emily’s mother, her boyfriend and her best friend.

Bernie looked all peace and calm now, as if he was glowing. I knew he was ready to go. “Thank you, Bernie, very much, for your help.”

“Thank YOU! Thank you… Thank you…” The voice seemed farther and farther away.

“Thank you Bernie. Good-bye! May you be reborn as a dog.” I almost chuckled on this genuine wish. It sounded a little funny to my own ears.

He giggled cheerfully, “Good-bye…”


The girl who’s lying on my couch looked again like Emily. I emerged her. She opened her eyes, wide and bright. Still tears on her face, but her face was glowing. The whole session took one hour.

“I feel like 30 pounds just went off me.” She said on her way out. Not physically of course. She’s already very thin.

I was left sitting in my office, stunned. I couldn’t believe how easy this was. One hour work, release from seven lifetimes unnecessary emotional pain! I knew I was doing hypnosis work in some of my own past lives. I wondered how nice it might be if I could had known Emily in an earlier lifetime, and released Bernie from there, to save some troubles – We are talking about lifetimes here! Then I wondered again, but really, is there any linear time at all? Or maybe I could have regressed Emily first to Elisabeth’s life, and released Bernie from there; just like the movie “Men in Black”. You time-travel back to before someone was killed, so you could kill the killer first… I pondered on all the possibilities that I have as a time-space traveling hypnotherapist. And I felt so much love toward my client, toward the light who came for Bernie, and toward Bernie.



About the Author:


Kemila Zsange is a registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist with a full time practice based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She writes for different publications on human mind, subconscious behaviours and our conditioning. She offers services using hypnosis to find inner wisdom to interrupt patterns, to learn from the depth of one’s own being and how to be the best we are meant to be. More information please visit:



Kemila Zsange is a registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist with a full time practice based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She writes for different publications on human mind, subconscious behaviours and our conditioning. She offers services using hypnosis to find inner wisdom to interrupt patterns, to learn from the depth of one’s own being and how to be the best we are meant to be. More information please visit:


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