Using Meditation To Get Answers

Using Meditation To Get Answers
February 16, 2015 John Baylor



How do you modify your meditation practice to help you receive intuitive answers? A few added steps can bring you in touch with your intuitive wisdom.

First, let’s briefly review the purpose of meditation. While meditation has many benefits, it’s real purpose is to quiet the mind and bring you in touch with who you really are.

Once you are in alignment with your true nature, you have access to infinite wisdom. So how do you use this presence to address more mundane earthly questions?

The first step is making your intention to get higher guidance on a particular matter. This intention can be accomplished by writing your question down prior to starting your meditation or keeping it clearly in mind for thirty seconds or so.

Now begin your meditation practice as you usually do. Don’t continue to think about the question or issue that you intended to address. When your meditation is complete, then wait for intuitive guidance to come into your mind. If it doesn’t come right away, have faith that it will come to you in time.

As with meditation itself, this technique will need practice and repetition to master. Realize that hearing guidance on emotionally charged subjects may take more focus and alignment than would normally be the case. It’s probably wise to start with issues that are of lesser importance and build up your practice from there.

Sometimes you will think that you have not received guidance. You are always being given guidance, but it is possible you may be blocking it due to some internal limiting beliefs about yourself. If you become aware of such a limiting belief, such as unworthiness or undeservedness, consider that a gift. You are free to release that belief and move forward.

If you take the guidance you receive seriously and take action on it, you are setting yourself up to receive more in the future. The universe is always there to love and support you.


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