What it means to Reach

What it means to Reach
February 13, 2015 Donna Martini



I want to show you what an activist, wellness coach, writer, single mother, ex-wife, grandmother, daughter, sister, and friend looks like. This is dyslexia, PTSD, Crohn’s Disease and four abdominal surgeries. This is the remnants of divorce, of brokenness, vulnerability, and surrender. This is what a survivor looks like. This is what it looks like to be so human and so depleted that God was asked to come in and take over. This is what it looks like to be 54…to live through 19,790 yesterdays and somewhere along the timeline decide to make tomorrow better than the day before.

There is something within us that no amount of hardship can take away…our potential. It has no limits, no boundaries and no concept of time. It carries no prejudice, no denial and no falsehood that we don’t give it. The more we call on it, the more it presents itself. All we ever need to do to activate potential is to reach for it, even if it is only an inch at a time.

This is what it looks like to stop blaming and complaining, to decide to have love and gratitude for all that is, to put no limits on what can be, and to strive for the best life THIS life has to offer. This is what a hand reaching out looks like. Grab it! Together we can reach so high that we give the next generation something worth looking up to.


About the Author:


Donna Martini is a Wellness Activist, Coach and Author bringing over 20 years of experience creating and implementing healthy lifestyle programs. Appointed Lead Ambassador of Wellness at Large for Nassau County, Commissioner on the NCPC and a certified G Pro (Green Professional) she is working to help government, employers and schools see the economic benefits of workplace wellness and green programs. Donna is the creator of eight websites, a public speaker, and along with her regular coaching practice and public speaking, she helps divorcing couples keep their families together using techniques she describes in her book, “The Ten Commandments of Divorce.”


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