The Truth (or Lies) about Bottled Water, Alkaline Dieting, and Cancer

The Truth (or Lies) about Bottled Water, Alkaline Dieting, and Cancer
February 6, 2013 Michael Stern

What if we could all be a part of solving one of the biggest mysteries to date and save millions of lives?


Last year I watched a relative die of cancer. Literally. To witness an event like this in front of your face is life changing. I became very aware of my toxic environment and paranoid for my family and I. I wondered, will the average stresses and bad eating habits cause me to get cancer?

By chance of fate, I stumbled upon something called Alkaline water and the Alkaline diet which makes claims that it can alkalize your body. Why do we want to be alkaline? Supposedly, cancer cannot live in an alkaline environment, and that if your blood is alkaline you can fend off disease. However, if your blood is acidic it is prone to disease. Yes, you guessed it – the PH scale, just like the one we use to test the water in our pools.

But… IS THIS TRUE? And if so, why doesn’t the media want us to know this? Could it have anything to do with the money hungry cancer industry? Could this be a way of preventing disease? The goal of this film is to demystify all of this to discover the truth. If what we are eating and drinking really is the key to preventing cancer and other diseases, the public needs to know.

I shot this trailer in hopes to get this project off the ground. Thus far, it has been very difficult to find the financial backing to make it happen. The life of a filmmaker is never easy!


About the Author:

Michael Stern is a photographer and filmmaker from NY. With his roots stemming from music he has directed over forty music videos featuring a range of artists from Julian Lennon to independent artists across the United States.  His short films have won multiple film festivals and he was recently chosen by Robert Rodriguez as the winner of AMD’s Visionary Director Award.



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