Why I believe the Akashic Records and baking bread have a lot in common

Why I believe the Akashic Records and baking bread have a lot in common
September 10, 2014 Sarah Lawrence Hinson

How to read the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records have been read by seers for centuries, including famous psychic intuitive Edgar Cayce aka ‘The Sleeping Prophet’.

Also known as the ‘Book of Life’, the Akashic Records can be accessed by moving to a different state of consciousness where the stories of our current life and past lives are stored.

My recent experiences reading for clients leads me to believe that working with the energy of our Akashic Records will result in an acceleration of planetary consciousness.

What if many of the answers to this tipping point are stored in our own Personal Energy, DNA, or Akashic Records and we can get the answers to rise to the surface simply by getting them ‘cooking’?

How to access the Akashic Records or have them read for you

There are different methods that have been used over time to access this altered state of consciousness in order to read the Records.  Edgar Cayce used to put himself into a light hypnotic trance and spoke about an individual’s illness in diagnostic terms.  He couldn’t remember what he said afterwards so a faithful secretary wrote everything down.

The method I’ve learned is taught by Linda Howe at the Center for Akashic Studies.  Linda channeled a prayer which came through to her just before the 9/11 tragedy and this is the prayer that fellow students and myself use to access the Heart of the Akashic Records, both for ourselves and for clients.

Sounds deceptively simple – but baking bread isn’t all that easy either…is it?

It is a simple process, yet some preparation is required to be able to access the Akashic Records successfully and hold the space in order to gather useful information about oneself or to read for another.

If you’ve ever used one of those home bread machines like I have, or regularly bake bread at home, you’ll know that some careful thought and preparation is required when you bake bread too.

The ingredients have to be in exactly the right proportions or the texture of the bread won’t be good and the yeast needs to be given heat or hot water at a certain temperature or there’ll be no rising dough.  The proving and heat cycles also need to be set at specific times and temperatures.  If something goes awry – either a doughy mess or a solid brick is the result instead of your nice hot steamy loaf.  (Been there, done that in both cases).  Most successful bakers get their favorite recipe perfect using trial and error.

Reading the Akashic Records does take a little practice too…

Why the bread analogy?  Well what I am finding truly fascinating about the Akashic Records work is something that Linda Howe taught us during the Akashic Records trainings…that ‘energy moves on the formed word‘.

So we bring our ingredients to the Akashic party – the ingredients being our heartfelt intent to learn more about ourselves at the Soul level, we also bring our human body and our Soul plus our deep desire for knowledge or for problems to be solved.  We ask Why? We think, sense, know…there must be something more?

If we allow ourselves to describe the energy of our problems, issues or burning questions in the energy of the Akashic Records, the answers begin to rise up, just like bread baking!  They were there all the time, they just needed the right ingredients in the right proportions to make themselves known to us and catalyze us into awareness.

What’s the connection between the Akashic Records and a Master Shift?

My experience of working with the Records so far (about 3 years worth and counting) is that it takes me deeper in than most other spiritual practices I have worked with (been there, done that and worn many a t-shirt – 16 years on the journey so far).

Developing a relationship with my own Akashic Records is enabling healing, empowerment and happiness at a level not previously achieved in my life.  I am managing my emotions, energy and focus of attention better than I ever have.

Working in my own Akashic Records, as I continue to describe my problems in the light of the Akasha the energy moves on the formed word.  The answers I have always sought are cooking, bubbling up and rising to surface as clear as day.  My bread is baking and the results are palpable.

What if more and more people learned how to access their own Akashic Records on the planet and answered all those pesky questions they’ve held inside for so long?  What if more of us learned how to read for others who are ready to take the next step on the spiritual journey?

Author bio

Sarah is an Akashic Records Reader and mom of two girls based in Wichita, KS.  She is the founder of New World Energetics, an online practice for those on the Spiritual Journey ready to connect with their Soul Purpose.  Sarah is on a mission to connect people with their Akashic Records, one Personal Energy Field at a time!  You can catch her latest online writings and podcasts and chat with her at the Mom On A Spiritual Journey blog.

L  ink http://www.momonaspiritualjourney.com to the text “Mom On A Spiritual Journey”.)
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