Meet Artist Jaime Bley

Meet Artist Jaime Bley
March 8, 2013 Jaime Bley

1. The Age of Aquarius (self portrait) was produced the mornings of 12.12.12 and 12.13.12 following months of unexpected and life turning changes that threw me into a rapid pace of growth. It felt as if I had been placed onto a spiritual roller coaster and the depth was enlightening, freeing, yet also exhausting. I began to realize who I “really” was and true purging and shedding of my old self began. Every morning I would wake from an evening of rest to only feel as if I had been downloading information that would propel my growth even further. It was then that I became clearly aware of the ascension process.

{The first image within the diptych represents the old self.

The second represents the new self. Ascending.}


2. What a Lunar Eclipse will do to a Girl (self portrait) is about my extraordinary connection and personal relationship to the Solar System. I’ve always felt the immensity of life. Growing up, I was raised in the Adirondack Mountains and I will never forget the times my mother would pack her 4 children up into our car, head down to our Lake, climb onto the vehicle and gaze into the starry night sky. Those moments had such an impact on my consciousness. It began a lifetime of seeking truth and realizing it was within my own heart all along. It is why I do this work. It is my way of trying to share what is inside of me. My truth.


3. Don’t Forget to Believe (self portrait with my son, Gabriel) is a true visual representation of what I believe in. As mothers, we have the responsibility to offer a safe haven to our children. We are the ones to show them the extraordinary power of their heart system and to remind them, always, their higher self system that is present, accessible and all knowing. We are not just these physical bodies. We are, by far, so much more.


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