Getting the Most out of New Age Conferences

Getting the Most out of New Age Conferences
October 17, 2014 Lawrence Howard



Expos and fairs are a nice place to meet and learn from speakers from new age movement.  I’ve attended about ½ dozen of these events and noticed a recurring pattern and thought of a means to maximize the benefit from them.

The atmosphere of these fairs is of enthusiastic anticipation.  Attendees may seek a way to a better life which often means improved better health, wealth, love and/or spiritual development and awareness.  Attendees congregate, scurry and rush about the fair to gather as many “life altering” experiences as possible for their stay at the event.  And of course, there are those who are simply curious about the lectures and products available from the multitude of product vendors.

Guest speakers are the focus of the fair.  They offer their perspective regarding the various “new age”, self-help type topics.  The guest speakers include an array of psychics, channelers, healers, conspiracy theorists, motivational speakers and nutritionists.

Each guest speaker gives an introductory lecture of their specialty; often giving directions on how to solve life’s problems in a few easy steps.  They will likely avoid in-depth questions but offer continued assistance through their books, products or services.

Attendees will likely feel motivated to commence a new lifestyle during the lecturer.  Guest speakers may:

– Imply that each person has the right to a better life.

– Imply that each person is inherently good (unless possessed by an alien) and have unlimited potential.

– Present personal anecdotes illustrating that by changing their attitude and behavior their environment changed to suit their needs and desires.  The sentiment is: “I did it and so can you”.

– Say they have a means-possibly an exclusive means- through some product or service to “reconnect” the attendees to their “higher self” or “full potential”.  The sentiment is: “You can’t do it alone but I can help you”.


Throughout the event there is a near continuous stream of positive affirmations to maintain the empowering atmosphere. Attendees awash with self confidence and purpose are also exposed to a subtle sales slogan:  “this product or service will help get you what you want… if you choose, if you are ready”.  Attendees, feeling validated, hopeful and determined are ready to purchase something- a tool- to help them make their life better.

However, there are some important prerequisites to effectively using many of the “self-help” products that might not have been apparent to the attendee.  The attendee should:

– Realize that changing one’s one life for the better applies only to one’s self.  However, the benefits are shared with those who are willing to enjoy them.  This point is often omitted by guest speakers; possibly to avoid encouraging destructive psychopathic narcissism among the attendees.

– Understand that to change one’s life, change is necessary.  Real change is necessary- in one’s own thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  This does not mean coercing, manipulating or encouraging others to change as well- even if it’s “good for them”.

– Personal revelations regarding one’s self are likely to occur and are signs of personal growth.  These revelations of self make changes easier and long lasting.

– Recognize that in order to attain a new life of better relationships, situations and people means letting go of relationships, situations and people that are not in accordance with that new and better life.  This transition can last long and feel uncomfortable.  The importance of this transition period is commonly generalized, understated, and directed away from the attendees during these lectures.

– Understand that change is an active (although sometimes seems passive) and continuous process.

– Realize that all the books, guidance and products can serve, at best, as an assistant and not a substitute for the work necessary for real change.

If the attendee decides they are ready and committed making the changes necessary for a new and better life then they should do the following:

– Commit to a realistic plan of action working towards realistic goals.

– Keep goals in reference to one’s self.   After all, the goal is to change one’s own life and not the lives of others to suit one’s needs or desires.

– Prioritize goals according to immediate, short and long term.  One can always adjust goals leading to that better life later.

– Pay attention if one is “acting”- an empowering response- or “reacting”- disempowering response- in life.  This involves a shift in ones’ perspective.

– Focus on the positive aspects of one’s own decisions but learn from the negative aspects.

The days following the fair, the exuberance of feeling empowerment wanes.  By about the 4th day after the fair, the attendee decides if they are content enjoying positive affirmations cast upon them by strangers or if they are ready to begin or return to the journey of self-empowerment, experiencing and sharing the positive within.



Lawrence Howard, LAc, MSAc, is a NYS licensed acupuncturist and energy healer since 1998.  He practices and teaches workshops in what he calls “Energetic Acupuncture”- a unique combination of acupuncture theory and energy healing such as Rei Ki that does not require needles.






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