A Lesser Known Side Effect of Botox

A Lesser Known Side Effect of Botox
February 6, 2013 Christina Arabolis


This is a follow up to: “How to Prevent Wrinkles Naturally

Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA), also called botulinum toxin type A, is made from the bacteria that causes botulism.  Botox treatments are becoming more and more prevalent.  To some, it is an acceptable way to avoid the signs of aging.  It works by relaxing the contraction of muscles by blocking nerve impulses.  The result is that muscles can no longer contract, relaxing and softening wrinkles.

This article is not going to list the obvious side-effects from Botox because that’s easily found by just googling “side-effects Botox.”  The objective of this blog post is to make known an unobvious side effect of Botox Treatments.  It is important to be made aware that injecting a needle of botulinum toxin type A can block facial meridian points.

Meridians are energy pathways within the body that run from head to foot.   This distribution network transports  Qi, bodily fluids and blood to all areas of the body.  The meridians have acupuncture points throughout the body including the facial area.  In fact, take a look at the picture below to see how the face has meridians that touch upon every organ and system in the body.



Photo Credit:  www.cityacupunturecircle.com


If you inject Botox into the facial area, you can block the energy points located on the face which, in turn, can create blocks of energy to the organs.  This may cause irreversible damage.

It is important to thoroughly research before we put something in our body that was not made by nature.  By doing so, we can make an educated choice as to whether the side-effects are worth the risk.  Remember, we don’t need advertising to tell us what is beautiful and what isn’t.

Please take out a mirror and look into it and repeat after me…

”I am beautiful exactly the way I am.”

“I am aging gracefully.”

“I love and accept myself.”


About the Author: Christine Segal, M.Ed., is a Certified Holistic Health
Coach having studied at Integrative Nutrition. She has her own business called Inner Beauty Workshops where she teaches clients how to generate beauty from the inside out. Christine is currently studying to become a Doctor of Spiritual Studies at Emerson Theological Institute. She hosts a weekly radio show on Freedomizer Radio called WakeUP & Live. Website (www.innerbeautyworkshops.com


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