Garden of Abundance

Garden of Abundance
August 29, 2014 Lawrence Bosek



The universe is an abundant place. Stars such as our sun shine light energy continuously and the trees and plants of Earth give oxygen as well as offer their fruit freely. A single pepper, cucumber, tomato, or melon, provides a plethora of seeds that could produce more crops exponentially and the multitude of organs and cells in our bodies regenerate and heal tirelessly. Also, technology is making everything easier all the while new ideas are developing.

Despite the abundance of nature, there is a disconnect from it, each other, and ourselves that is pandemic. Inequality and the plundering of resources are causing discordant imbalances. Unifying is a part of our evolution because just as the various cells make up our human body, and the various people make up the humanity, the multitude of inhabitants on Earth comprise the planetary organism. We are learning that we must care for each other and our life supportive environment in a harmonious way.

The light is getting brighter, intensifying, and shines the spirit of truth on everything everywhere, in every nook and cranny. New ideas are taking hold while age old belief systems are crumbling. Reinforced structures are forming while corrupt organizations are falling apart. Anything not built on a foundation of loving open honesty will collapse in on itself. It starts with ourselves.

While our individual evolution progresses, our collective evolution is also progressing towards a transformative kind of regrowing of the Garden of Eden while at the same time we are collectively realizing that we already live in a naturally supportive paradise. Awareness of our interconnectedness is growing. Together we are all continually learning and contributing as a unified community for the benefit and betterment of all.


About the Author:  Lawrence Bosek


Lawrence enjoys educating on healthy green living. After 12+ years of consulting, educating, and also healing computers in the technology industry he has expanded his focus to assist in the healing evolution of the noosphere through education and meditative energy work. He also enjoys the natural beauty of the Earth, quantum technology, and writing spiritual essays as well as poetry. Aside from college classroom instruction, he gives learnshops on healthy green living including topics involving the evolution of consciousness while promoting his poetic picture book entitled Garden Of Love. Currently, Lawrence is furthering his energy healing techniques, revising a healthy green living manuscript, and continuing to be a part of the vibrational upliftment of Mother Earth.


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