Say POO to winter FLU!

Say POO to winter FLU!
February 27, 2013 Andie Urquhart



I was pumped for the upcoming school ski week and was seriously looking forward to taking in the fresh mountain air. There is nothing like waking up at the base of the mountain, rolling out of bed, strapping on the ski’s and hitting the slopes from dusk until dawn

Day one:   I knew something was amiss when I woke up as though I had inhabited someone else’s less salubrious body. With a heavy, hot head, stuffed up nose, blurry vision, I knew that I was going nowhere but back to bed. The flu has no boundaries and will attack anyone in it’s path. I was disappointed, but logically knew that I would be useless on the hill, so I wrapped myself in a plethora of blankets and flaked out. Sometimes it is important to just rest. This downtime offered me an opportunity to just lay in silence and contemplate how amazing life is. I decided that it was crucial for me to stay positive, despite how I physically felt. I began thinking about techniques I could use to “trick” myself in to feeling healthy again. I started with my breath. A calm vibration is a high vibration. So I used the silence to just sit and relax making my breath longer, fuller and more relaxed. After some time, I started doing mental reps over and over again saying, “I am healthy, I am strong” Positive affirmations are a great way to connect with the warmth of your internal flame.

Day two:   Still not feeling one hundred percent. No skiing for me today. It has been said that we can either make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. From this self-talk, I started jotting down everything in my life that was wonderful. When we experience gratitude, it is one of the most effective ways to reach or feel your soul.  Simply put, gratitude invites goodness into your life. By giving thanks and living your life in great appreciation, you will pave the way for additional abundance

Day three:   I am feeling slightly better, so I decide to take advantage of the fresh air and ski for a half day. With low energy and weak muscles, I don’t last very long. I resolve it might be smarter to spend yet another afternoon in the comfort of my hotel room and perhaps practice a bit of yoga. After a few sun salutations, I begin feeling a bit better.   I decide to go through a 20-minute yoga routine, only to be surprisingly welcomed on the other end with a feeling of rejuvenation.  It is amazing what happens to our body when we are in a relaxed, blissful state. Yoga allows me to practice living each moment with a light and open heart. It connects your body to your soul and raises you Qi. The ancient Taoist wisdom puts great emphasis on Qi, a remarkable life force that stimulates the forms of the world. When related to our health, a balanced and free-flowing qi  results in good health, while a stagnant or imbalanced qi leads to dis-ease.

I go to bed early that night, and my final thought before I drift off to sleep is “I am better. I am healthy”

Day four: I wake up raring to go. I have fought the flu and won! I have spent time with myself. Using the stillness to calm and tame my weary mind and heal my physical body. I have concluded that the fact that I got sick was “meant to be” because it was an opportunity for me to slow down and contemplate life. So the next time you “catch a cold” or are “down with the flu”, embrace it and see it as a message to do some soul searching. . . Namaste, Andie

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