A Hunger for Life

A Hunger for Life
August 24, 2015 Caya Munro

“Life is like a rich layered chocolate cake. It must be savoured and respected, its layers acknowledged & appreciated. Its textures felt and the perfection praised. You cannot rush or overindulge, but savour & celebrate.”


Your relationship with food can reflect your relationship with Life. As with food, you must respect life. Life must be savoured. You must be calm and bless your life, appreciating each mouthful and moment; acknowledging and delighting in all the flavours, colours and experiences that are put before you. You must breathe properly and not rush or devour time or food mindlessly as then you become overweight and overwhelmed by what you have consumed and you no longer enjoy the experience and often burn out or bulk up. There are many options that will be put before you and it is your responsibility to choose that which will nurture your body, mind and soul. As with foods, certain life choices, experiences and options will lead to feeling un-well, physically and spiritually. So you must therefore choose wisely where to focus your energy or what energy to consume. To have an insatiable hunger for life can be compared to having an insatiable hunger for food. Although to have a voracious and unquenchable thirst for life may be misinterpreted as enthusiasm, optimism and a genuine desire to live life to the full. But in truth this attitude and behaviour may only lead to an unhealthy and unfulfilled state of being.

With the infinite possibilities and opportunities that are available to you in every moment, there is an art and a skill in contemplating which option will serve best your mind, body and soul and that will lead to your greatest state of happiness. As Deepak Choprah states in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success:

“There is only one choice, out of the infinity of choices available in every second, that will create happiness for you as well as those around you”

Therefore to plough on into each opportunity and each idea with little or no thought will ultimately lead to an overwhelming sense of mental confusion, dullness and lacklustre for life. As when one indulges on everything the buffet table has to offer plus more, the result is an inevitable fullness, a sickly feeling with a complete aversion to food. When choosing your meals with love and respect for the food, your body and your soul, you must also do the same when choosing your daily activities, making decisions on which opportunities to say yes to and which to politely decline or save for another time.

So take life one bite at a time, taking the time to enjoy it, and savor each experience. Calmly contemplate your next choice and ask what the consequences of each action are. Which choice nourishes you and everyone influenced by that action? Listen to your body, your heart and your inner wisdom, their whispers will guide you.



About the Author:


Caya is a Transformational Life Coach with 15 years experience in Personal and Spiritual Development and Transformation. She coaches one to one and in groups, blogs, holds workshops & webinars, writes articles and is currently writing her first novel on shifting the collective consciousness into a new world of unified intuition and harmonisation. Caya’s mission is to help others to live free, courageous and bliss filled lives. To raise awareness of the power of positivity and help others gain freedom from their own mental conditioning and limiting beliefs. Through helping others to step into their Power and to develop their Vision, their Courage and Grace, her clients are able to build a life of clarity, abundance and bliss.


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  1. Kristine 9 years ago

    I really enjoyed reading it. Thank You! So simple yet very deep. It really got me thinking about my eating habits, and it’s crazy how they mirror my other choices in life. Also I used to do everything I got my hands on, the same with food in the buffet as you mentioned, I just wanted to try everything, even if a bit of everything. Tasting everything but not really remembering any flavour in particular. And it really works the same in life, do everything half heartedly you wont get much pleasure out of it. Thank You, it really got me thinking trough out my day!

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