Silence of the Mayans

Silence of the Mayans
December 26, 2013 Ryan Hauck



As we near the end of the year 2013 it’s natural for people to take inventory of their lives. What has been most meaningful? What have I accomplished? Am I on track with my goals? What becomes interesting is when these questions are posed to humanity as a whole. And it’s true that a lot has changed for humanity since 2012, and there are certain things that I consider to be advantageous. But is the lack of an apocalyptic prophecy one of them?

I can remember the months leading up to December 21st, 2012. I was currently working with a team that was organizing an event in concert with many other groups globally, to celebrate the birth of a Universal Humanity. It was a powerful experience to join with many people locally and with thousands around the world in consciousness, as we ushered in a new era for a new human experience.

Since that event there has been a lot of personal and global shifts, particularly with the rising up of many cultures and communities around the world, demanding change from their respective governments and policy makers. Whether this has had anything to do with an emergent shift in consciousness is anyone’s guess (I think it has), but did having a prophetic voice in the back of our minds, reminding us that this might be the end, have anything to do with it?

As we move into the year 2014, we are left mainly to our own devices when it comes to inspiration for the future. Whenever I get caught watching the news, it seems to me that the same sidereal show is still playing. Focusing in on the specific groups I am involved with, there is still a lot of steam moving us forward. Even as I write this, there is a massive event being planned online for a 1 year celebration of the birthday which I assisted in organizing locally, back in 2012.

I feel that the lack of prophecy is a positive quality to our present experience, and I feel this way because it draws us away from needing an outside source telling us what we should be doing. When this quality is absent, then we are forced to take inventory of our own choices and beliefs, and I feel this is something that society, as a whole, is in desperate need of.  When people look around and notice that there are still people building a better today, for a brighter tomorrow, even without the fear of a possible apocalypse, they might stop and think, “What is it they are going on about, and why?”

And perhaps there is a hint of realism to the present crises that we face on an individual and collective level, but we don’t need the Mayans to tell us that. I think it’s important to take time to bring focus into our lives as we come to the end of 2013, and check in with whether or not we are still on track with the same energy and focus that was birthed within us in the year 2012. The silence of the Mayans symbolizes our own need to be still and conscious of the choices we make together.


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My name is Ryan Hauck, I am 28 years old and a father of 2. The early part of my life seemed to be the typical series of events most kids went through in a low income neighborhood. Only now, when looking back, does it become obvious that all of those events were divinely conspired to lead me where I am today.


Currently, together with my wife and children, we are building a life of Truth. Expanding and expressing love, offering services to our community, and looking to connect with others to join us in this journey!



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