Psychic Impressions

Psychic Impressions
April 16, 2013 Gayle Kirk

Your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, and the Angels love and support you.  They want to help guide you on your Earthly journey.  They have your highest and best interests in mind.  You can trust them.

Your Soul and Spirit will speak to you in whatever ways they can reach you.  They will use your vocabulary, frame of reference, experiences, and even your humor.  How else would you recognize the messages they are sending you?

You receive spiritual communication, guidance, and information from your Soul and Divine Spirit through one or more of your six psychic senses.

We all have some degree of psychic sensitivity whether we are aware of it or not.  Some have more abilities than others.  Your psychic abilities can improve and expand if you learn more about them and if you practice using them.

One of the ways your Soul and Spirit will guide and support you in life is through psychic impressions.

You may psychically hear sentences or words that come to you usually as a thought, rather than as an actual sound. The words may seem like they are in your voice or in someone else’s voice.  They may be faint or loud.

You may psychically get a gut feeling of what to say or do. You may sense the aches, challenges, and personalities of others. You may sense the presence of guides, deceased loved ones, and angels. This is usually the strongest and easiest way for most people to receive guidance.

You may psychically know  information, ideas, and understanding that just come to you without pictures or words.  You know that it is important. You pay attention.

You may psychically see pictures flash in your mind’s inner third eye as in-sights or outside of you.  They may be a still photo, a movie, or a life-like scene. When the image is of a psychic origin and you aren’t thinking it up yourself, the image is seen first and then thought about afterwards.  That’s how you know you can trust it and that you’re not making it up because it comes to you.

You may psychically taste a substance, liquid, or food without actually putting anything in your mouth.

You may also psychically smell fragrance, flowers, food, or tobacco even when the substance is not in your surroundings.

Don’t be afraid. There is a sense of love, peace, comfort, empowerment, and happiness when you are truly connecting with your Soul and Divine Spirit.

You often connect naturally with psychic impressions when you sleep, daydream, do something creative, commune with nature, walk, meditate, or are mindful. Be sure to practice these things often to develop your psychic sensitivity.

Remember to look, listen, and feel the psychic impressions that are all around you.

Your Soul and Divine Spirit want to help you to be your best and to create a joyful, peaceful, prosperous life!


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gayleGayle Kirk is a very gifted Psychic, Medium, Channel, Life Coach, and Healing Facilitator.

She is absolutely the REAL DEAL!

Gayle appears in TV, radio, magazines, and newspapers, including The Boston Globe and the Metro West Daily News.  For many years, people all over the world have benefited from her wisdom, inspiration, clarity, and healing.  Gayle offers Psychic Life Coaching and Messages from Heaven via Telephone and In-Person.  Ask specific questions and receive wise psychic guidance and empowering life coaching from your Soul, the Universe, Spirit Guides, the Angels, and Gayle.  If you wish, Gayle can also provide messages from family, friends, and pets in Heaven.

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