New Moon in Taurus: You Are Worthy of Receiving

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A new moon is a time of beginnings, intentions and planting seeds. Imagine that the universe is a restaurant, and a new moon is a time of placing your order. Now when you are ordering at a restaurant do you go into the kitchen and obsess over how the food is being prepared? Do you micro manage the process? Not usually. Instead you sit, enjoy your drinks and the company.

Often times as human we forget that some things are not under our control. We think we need to understand exactly how everything is happening and know exactly when it will unfold. This is human nature. These are habits that have been inherited and learned. However they are not based completely in truth.

The truth is that when you ask it is always given. Though the answer may come in an entirely different form than you had originally expected. This is why flexibility and adaptability is so important.

When one can remain open to alternative possibilities, they can be surprised and experience things bigger than they’d have been able to think up.

That’s what this new moon is all about. It’s asking all humans to expand their horizons, to think bigger and to trust that just because you do not know how does not mean it won’t happen.

A perfect example is wifi; you cannot see it but you connect to it every day.

There is a natural intelligence all around you. This energy is what makes a flower bloom, a child grow and it’s what’s keeping you alive right now. You are not separate from this unseen power, in fact you ARE it.

This new moon is occurring in the sign of Taurus. Taurus energy is all about worthiness. You are being asked to up your self esteem and know that you deserve whatever you want to create or experience here on Earth.

On Friday May 6th place your order to the Universe and know that you deserve to receive it. Also begin to notice what you no longer deserve. Where are you criticizing yourself, where are you allowing others to put you down and overall where are you focusing on lack?

Lack is an illusion, but it can feel very real. Basically the Universe gives you an abundance of whatever you are focusing on. So if you are focusing on lack, you will experience an abundance of lack. Just like focusing on gratitude will in turn lead to more reasons to feel grateful.

Taurus is also an Earth sign which makes it a good day to connect to the planet. Allow Mother Earth to be your teacher. Observe her natural abundance and prosperity. She doesn’t worry when the leaves fall off the trees or rush a seed to grow. No she simply allows the currents of life to flow through her.

Accept yourself, your life and whatever is unfolding. Open your heart to prosperity because when you receive you have more to give. Most importantly as many planets are retrograde, let go of control, observe and be open to surprises.

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About the Author: Shannon is the editor for The Master Shift blog. She is a writer, artist, astrologer, teacher, assistant, emotional healer and more. Shannon loves to help others discover a passion and excitement for life. She is available for personal astrology chart readings. One of Shannon’s passions is emotional healing; she is a HeartSpeak practitioner. This is a system that identifies the emotional stress behind physical symptoms and works to clear and replace these stressors with healthier feelings. Above all else Shannon’s intention is to BE a part of the Master Shift by centring in a space of love and transforming planet Earth as we know it.

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