Kick Your Fear To The Curb

Kick Your Fear To The Curb
August 12, 2013 Danny Cohen



Three months ago I had an opportunity to go in for a surgery that would potentially change my life forever. It was a surgery that involved removing a piece of my brain that caused many of the seizures that I was experiencing in hopes that it would make them stop. Prior to, and even after the surgery I would be approached by people saying things like “you are so brave Danny, I could never do it.” Or “I don’t know where you found the courage to do this.” As I look back, I have to say I was scared to death, but it was something I wanted more than anything else in the world! I knew the risks, I knew the outcomes, and I wasn’t going to let anything stop me from pursuing a lifelong dream, not even fear!

We all get afraid from time to time; it is the normal course of life. Why let it shatter a dream? Make us lose our focus? Stop us from moving on to the next step? We shouldn’t! Fear is normal, but introducing fear to bravery and kicking it to the curb, now that’s extraordinary!

Here are three simple rules you can start implementing today to kick your fear to the curb:


1.  Approach life with a positive attitude

2.  Always keep an open mind and an open heart

3.  Show the world that you are not afraid, SMILE!


Post script: I still have seizures. The surgery was a success in other ways though, so I am completely happy with the results.  A positive attitude rules!


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