Letting Go

Letting Go
August 11, 2013 Rev. Gabrielle Orr
Most of our troubles are due to our passionate desire for and    attachment to things that we misapprehend as enduring entities.”
~Dalai Lama



One thing was present in all the Akashic Record Readings I gave this week: the struggle ot let go of relationships.  We all have the desire to feel happy in common, which includes the hope to be able to avoid any and all pain. Too often we give our power away to people, circumstances, and things to rescue us and hold onto them for our dear life.  We fearfully try to make moments last forever.




Just experience this moment and enjoy it because it will eventually pass too. Nothing is permanent. Fighting reality will only cause you pain and great discomfort.

Most of us understand intellectually that holding on to someone or something does not only serve us but also keeps us stuck in our own personal development. So how do we live with the duality that our mind leads us into the next chapter of our life while our emotions seem to tie us to our past? That’s where the problem usually arises. We are not being present in our lives. Our energy bounces back and forth between the past and future which creates fear and anxiety. If we want to let go of the things that do not serve us anymore we have to become present to this moment by believing that Now is enough. All you need right now is to appreciate and enjoy what you have. It truly is enough. No matter how much or little time you spend with someone, it will always create some attachments and energetic cords. Try to look at the relationship from a spiritual perspective. See if you can find the lessons this relationship has taught you. Be grateful for the growth you have experienced from this encounter and bless the time your souls have spent together with love. This too had a purpose, even if it is sometimes hidden behind pain, anger and blame.

Attach to the idea of living well moment-to-moment. That’s an attachment that can do you no harm. Make friends with yourself. It will be hard for you to let people go when necessary if you depend on them for your sense of self-worth. Believe you’re worthy whether someone else tells you or not. This way, you actually relate to people and not just how they make you feel about yourself. Interact with lots of people. If you limit yourself to one or two relationships they will seem like your lifelines. Everyone needs people, and there are billions on the planet. Stay open to new connections. Accept the possibility that your future involves a lot of love no matter what your past looked like.

I once had a client who had a really difficult time letting go of her relationship to a man she had been with for over 15 years. As we addressed several other questions of hers during the Akashic Consultation it became very clear that she had a strong pattern of holding on to anything and everything. The client resisted this idea and insisted that the whole situation was not “her problem”. The Masters and Teachers of the Akashic Records asked me to place a very small rose-quartz into her left hand and to encourage her to just drop it on the floor. She looked at me for a long time until I asked her again to just drop the stone on the ground. I even told her that she couldn’t damage the floor or the stone. She wasn’t able to do it. She couldn’t let go of the small stone. Instead she started to cry. This simple exercise helped her to understand that she did have a strong pattern of holding on to things and people. Today, she has moved on from her relationship for the highest good of everybody concerned and both she and her former partner enjoy being in a relationship with a new partner again.

So put your attention on love instead of fear. When you hold onto your past, it often has to do with fear: Fear you messed up your chance at happiness, or fear you’ll never know such happiness again. Focus on what you love and you’ll create happiness instead of worrying about it.

Letting go is letting happiness in.

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After earning a degree in Social Work in Germany, Gabrielle worked for several years with mentally disadvantaged children and coma patients. Her responsibilities included providing guidance as a life counselor for her clients and their families.Today, Reverend Gabrielle Orr is a certified Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant, Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Body Talk Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Feng Shui Consultant. She teaches Akashic Record Classes and Retreats internationally since 2002.


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