Opening Your Heart to Endless Joy

Opening Your Heart to Endless Joy
August 13, 2013 Shannon Hugman

Open your heart to what is in front of you.  We live on such an abundant, beautiful and breathtaking planet; however we often forget that during our daily grind.  It is so easy to over look the beauty which is right in front of our eyes, and instead become a prisoner of the rational mind. Today, I invite you to decide you are not going to pick yourself apart. Now is not the time to put yourself down and rationalize how you aren’t doing a good enough job. Instead look around and notice the love which surrounds you.  You are that love; you have absolutely nothing to fear!  Get out of your mind and jump into the NOW.  Feel it!  Feel what right now is like, don’t attempt to rationalize it for then it will pass you by.  Living in the moment is a challenge but I am certain you can all reign supreme.  When you are getting stuck up in your head, take deep breaths, feel them, allow your energy to flow throughout your body.  Give yourself permission to let your light flow through you!  You are made of light!  Shine!  We are beautiful channels of light harnessing the frequency of love onto this planet.  So open up your channel, let the love flow and trust me you will experience a shift in your reality.  You will effortlessly embark upon a journey of discovering the joy which is life.

So what is this shift we’ve been experiencing? We are returning to our truth; oneness. Humanity is remembering who we are. You are a divine reflection of a endless creator; you are an artist! Follow your bliss and see what manifests. Throw your dreams out into the Universe and trust you will be guided effortlessly to success. The most magical part of this adventure will be the fun that you will have!

Living an authentic life is what you came here to do. Occupy your imagination; welcome your inner artist back into your reality by reuniting with creativity. Allow your creative essence to gently return, be patient with your self and your spirit. It’s okay to feel vulnerable but trust that you are safe, trust all is well. Remember who you are! The Planet is longing for your authentic self; right now.

About the Author:  Shannon Hugman
I am a healer; I am here right now to heal Gaia, to heal myself and to help you heal yourself. I am a mystical goat (Capricorn Sun, Pisces Rising and Scorpio Moon). I am here to ground magic into reality. I adore helping people set intentions and create a plan to help them achieve all they desire; however I know that it is essential to turn everything over to the divine allowing her magic to penetrate and support our manifestations. I am a Reiki Practioner also trained in distance Reiki. I am an astrologer. I am a numerologist. I am a member of the Family of Light. I AM here to help you bloom!


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