Journey of the Soul: 7 Keys to Awakening

Journey of the Soul: 7 Keys to Awakening
November 21, 2014 David Zenon Starlyte



The soul is involved in a process of alchemy, to allow us to see ourselves as expanded beings with limitless power.

In the mind, we plant seeds for the creation of our future flowering from fourth-dimension into three-dimensional material reality.

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.” ~ Edgar Cayce

The following are key understandings to liberate us from limitation, and open ourselves to the magical world of possibility that can begin with a feeling, a thought, an intention that opens up a doorway into the creative forces of the universe.

1. Acceptance of personal tragedy is liberating.

 Suffering is to be expected as part of life experience.

This is when we learn the most.

The circumstances we see as difficult are often most painful due to non-acceptance and resistance. Once we can accept and integrate the experiences, the energy is thus allowed to circulate freely in our bodies from the solar plexus to the heart and to the head, and the pain dissipates.

The most suffering is caused not by the events in themselves, it is our feelings around what happens and our non-acceptance of the events as they unfolded.

Acceptance invites healing.

Non-acceptance and suppression creates suffering. It is allowance that invites transmutation via the feminine principle of surrender. Surrendering is the ultimate freedom, instigating a process of an internal alchemy.

2. From a soul level, we choose all our experiences, and thus we create our own reality.

Whether consciously or unconsciously, at some level of our soul, we have chosen everything.

Thus, it is not accurate or helpful to see oneself as a victim of anyone or anything. Technically, this is never the complete or accurate picture of what unfolded. It is viewing ourselves as victims, that perpetuates this karmically.

3. Free will is our power to choose how to respond.

Whatever happens to us follows from our choices as a soul.

It is incumbent upon us then, how to respond to these experiences. This is our free will. All experiences contain a kernel of wisdom and learning within them, and that
is to say, that they could all be positively interpreted as a learning experience.

4. Forgiveness liberates us from suffering.

Holding grudges and negative feelings towards others merely imprisons us. We become victims of our own suffering, not victims of the person who supposedly harmed us.

We do most harm to ourselves not by what they did to us, but how we respond to it.
Forgiveness release other’s from our internal experience, and we can use this open space to live a life of freedom.

Forgiveness liberates us from being held hostage by blame, shame and guilt.

Forgiveness opens up the gateway to release negativity, and instead replace these qualities in our reality with positive feelings of love, peace and spaciousness.

5. We are an aspect of God consciousness.

We are all aspects of God, and our consciousness is a part of God consciousness. As a manifestation of God, we are literally Divine beings.

Each person comes with a unique essence, a unique view of the world, a unique “truth” that adds to the whole.

One person’s “knowing” is based on their unique beliefs, experiences and education. The overall knowledge is always evolving to fit in with this expanding vibration. Our behaviour impacts other people and our environment energetically, cosmically and physically.

We filter our perceptions via the frailty of limitation based on the collective unconscious. Most often, the picture that emerges encompasses our beliefs, and if we believed differently, the picture would shift and morph into something different. If one truly believed on could walk on water, then this would certainly be possible.

Reality works in layers of consciousness, created by thought. Nothing can come to be until it is first conceived of in thought.

6. Our greatest power is in the now.

We are constantly evolving as we add on to our knowing. Thus expansion is our innate nature. We are born to evolve in our awareness.

Past and future are constantly shifting in our present awareness, as in truth, there is only the present moment. Thus, shifting how we discern the past, changes it; shifting how we interpret the present, changes the future.

Our greatest power is in the only moment of choice, the present moment.

7. Joy is the soul’s gift.

Pure unbounded spirit – pure energies of the highest realm – are not to be found in books or critical study. These essences are in qualities of the soul including joy, unconditional love and acceptance, kindness and compassion.

The joy of the heart and soul is a quality of purity that brings forth a high vibration of spirit. It is joy that truly invites the miraculous into our lives.


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