Have Two Exits

Have Two Exits
October 9, 2013 Millie Parmer


Yesterday on my way down the mountain my eye caught a glimpse of a new sign outside the fire department, “Have 2 ways out.” I continued to the grocery store but the words stuck like a splinter nagging at me. Two ways out…Hmm. I know they were meant for two exits in case of a fire, but the words went deeper.

I could barely concentrate in the grocery store. I missed a bunch of items on my mental list. Walking up and down the aisles I kept thinking about how we usually have one way out of everything. Most often that particular way happens to be the most complicated. Our minds create the worst scenarios. When we want out of a relationship, a job, or any other form of obstacle and situation we run towards the exit that has the most fire and smoke. Trial and error has taught me to stop and evaluate my exits!

Years ago my spiritual teacher gave me the best advice anyone has ever given me. She said, “When you ask God for something don’t limit yourself. If you ask for a job say, God I want this position or better.” I have never forgotten this simple prayer. Any time I am manifesting anything I state what I want and then add, “…this or better.” We have been programmed to limit our worth. Her simple teaching has taught me that allowing God to provide to the best of my desires takes the exit towards freedom and not the fire-burning one.

As I continued thinking of the two exits I recognized that I have learned to have two exits. I have been practicing this subconsciously. I have mine (the ego dominated one) and then the one I give the Divine to pilot and safely bring me to. I am certain that all my exits in the past few years have been Spirit guided ever since I created the two way outs.

Coming back up the mountain I stopped to take a picture of the sign. The fire fighters were outside. One asked, “Can I help you?” I waved and said, “Nah! Just need a picture of this brilliant sign.” They all stared at the hippie making her way back to the car.

My wish for you is to make sure you have two ways out. Don’t limit yourself to one particular exit. When we are involved in a heartbreaking situation we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you allow the Divine to guide you towards the other exit you will find clarity. My exits are clearly marked: Ego Knows Crap Exit (usually with an arrow down) and Faith Loving Exit. One way out is no longer an option. Which will you take?


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