Are You The Person Who Is Going To Save The World?

Are You The Person Who Is Going To Save The World?
January 26, 2013 Emily Rose



*This article was submitted by Emily Rose, a member of our Master Shift Community.

You Are the Person Who is Going to Save the World
So I’m not sure if you all know this, but I was put here on Earth at this time to save the world. And by that, I mean the Earth and all living creatures. I’m here to save humanity from extinction, and help the animals get the respect they deserve by teaching us lost humans how to live in harmony with our home, Mother Earth.
Who else feels like this?
I happen to know a lot of people that do.
Psychologists would dub this, “Illusions of Grandeur.”
I call it PURPOSE.
But here’s the tricky part.
Yes, it is true that if you feel this way, you are indeed here to save the world.
But so am I.
What does this mean?
It means that EACH of us is put here for the specific purpose to be instrumental in assisting the world to unification and balance.
It means that EACH of us is SPECIAL.
I’m talkin’ about the healers, the teachers that influence a rise in consciousness, and the many seekers that feel called to this journey.
EACH OF US is the person that will save the world.
But what ego can get in the way of is recognizing that we cannot do it ALONE.
We must UNITE.
We must COME TOGETHER in LOVE and PEACE, with our individual skills and callings.
We must obey this power we feel as individuals, and when we meet other individuals who feel the same power, we must not look upon each other as superior or inferior—but as ONE.
Each of us is EQUAL in turning this planet, and the way we live on it, around.
Each of us can use our ambition and empathy to assist Mother Earth in healing herself, and humanity in healing ourselves.
But it is only through the understanding that we NEED EACH OTHER to do this that YOU (or I) can be the person who will save the world.
One person can influence, but united, we can change.
When two harmonizing energies come together, they evoke balance. It is through the balance achieved by the unity of the harmonizing energies that will charge the Earth and surrounding beings (human or non-human) with homeostasis.
As a society we push individuality to the point of duality.
And it is in duality we fall.
We live duality if we live in the delusion that only I, and I alone, can impact this world to the point of change.
Because in order to have societal change, we must work together as a society. And in order to have global change, we must work globally.
Let’s be our big selves, and get bigger with unity!
All = One & One = All
About the Author:  Emily Rose has extensively studied romantic relationships and the relationship with self, and subsequently views connectivity between all things as the catalyst that will be the success or demise of our species. She is driven to expose the interdependence of humanity and reveal the necessity for unification. She currently resides in Chico, CA with her beloved companion of thirteen years, Miss CaliCat. Emily Rose publishes content daily on her personal blog, where she shares the unfolding of her life as spirit in human form. Please join her on facebook at:


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