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 ‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.’ – Rumi

I was walking through the streets of Glastonbury, giggling for over half an hour for no apparent reason.
Suddenly I stopped and there was just this one thought: ‘Oh my god, OF COURSE it is a hologram!’ I couldn’t stop laughing.

It is not about every drop in the ocean deciding to shift,
but realising ONLY YOU, THE ONE DROP has to shift, and everything else is shifted!!!

The whole Universe is YOU, well… ME !!!

In fact I could end here. There is nothing else to say.

Did you realise when you started to become, for example, vegan, many other people became vegan as well?!
When I started looking into quantum healing, a whole new additional set up of friends entered my life and it still continues with whatever I start looking into.

Yes, the law of attraction doing its work. But there is more to it: This is quantum physics in our life.

Quantum entanglement, which means: If one particle does something, the other particles are doing the same as well, no matter the distance!

So if my particles change, all the other particles change as well. Since we are all one – ALL particles change.  Quite easy, right?!

So every time I change – Something on the outside changes. This is BRILLIANT and HORRIFIC at the same time!!!

That means, the more you change, the outer world changes in the direction of matching your new energy, plus every particle gets affected one way or the other. Every particle!

The more you change in the direction of love, the more loving the environment gets.

Imagine now it’s not only you attracting new good things and people with this, but creating everything with it.
If we are all connected and are all one, there is no other possibility.

There are no black entities somewhere out there; these are just fights, which are going on in our subconscious minds.

I could say the shift is about our subconscious minds becoming conscious, in a sense that everyone of us gets more and more aware. Since our conscious mind is only about 5-10%, it seems there is some work to do. But there is no everyone! There is just you! Well… Me!!!

There are no stubborn people who really needs to be informed and changed, it’s just our own stubbornness hidden in some aspect of ourselves.

There are no past lives, which are responsible for our disaster nowadays! If we change in this life, all lives are affected!

You don’t need to convince someone of doing better and you don’t need to heal someone.

It’s JUST YOU! Well… ME!

You can do it if it makes you feel more whole.
We should definitely do it, ‘cause it’s a great experience, but that doesn’t mean there is a need to.

You can shift with dropping the illusion of not being whole, and it just is!

The whole Universe would be whole. The whole Earth would be in harmony.
If your particles change, all particles change, not only those of neighbouring beings, although it seems they are the easiest affected.

‘What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.’ – Alan Watts

With this said, it becomes clear that this whole shift is a beautiful concept of us, …you, …me becoming whole and with THIS having the experience of a shifted environment, a conscious human kind.

As long as we regard other people, beings here on Earth and beings anywhere else in the cosmos as separated from us, the ‘shift’ is not done.

We can spend some more lifetimes with this, it’s fun, isn’t it ?!!

There is nowhere to go, nothing to search, nothing to find or run after.

You are it!

Feel that! (I close my eyes and dive into that, realising I am essentially talking to myself).

You are already it, and the moment you change within, the whole Universe gives you the match.

Nothing you can ever want!

No moment you couldn’t enjoy and not be in love with!

You know when the ‘shift’ is done.
Right now you are just playing with it for the experience.

Funny, I am writing this just to myself.
I think this is a great reminder I should read whenever I need to.
Maybe hang in the bathroom.

Anytime I read stuff like ‘We are all one.’ ‘You is me and I am you.’ ‘We are all connected.’ I will think about the shift.

The shift I can only make myself!

Thank you for being with me!
(Tapping myself on the shoulder and giving myself a hug.)

I hope to see the shift soon; I’ll now go work on it!


About the Author:

Christine Stein was born in Germany but regards herself as traveler of the Earth and beyond.
She is searching for herself and answers to the big questions like: Where do we come from? Who are we? and Where are we going? Sometimes she finds answers she loves to share.
Meanwhile she travels, meditates, dances, studies, writes, trains, counsels, spends her time in nature with her dogs and tries to take life and herself not serious at all.
She comes from a family where faith healing and tarot was an everyday practise. To balance it she studies natural sciences with a main interest in quantum physics and the function of the brain.
For some more love and fun check out her blog: Love Laugh Life
Or check out her youtube channel SOULTALK – You can even see her dance:  Soul Talk
Feel free to connect with Christine via fb:  Facebook Christine Stein


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