Age Potential

Age Potential
August 7, 2013 Lori Campbell

Now more than ever people want their second-half of life to be as vibrant and healthy as their first-half of life. We may be growing older chronologically but the spirit is fully alive waiting for the next adventure.

Beliefs around aging, for the most part, are steeped in MYTH versus TRUTH. The time has come for us to awaken to the truth that we are all pure potential at every age and stage in life. Most people attribute potential to youth, but potential is not defined or limited by age. AgePotential is a concept I coined with the intention of shifting our collective awareness and association of age to potential.  I am passionate about helping you transform your perspective on growing older so you can live joyfully now and in your later years.

We are all enmeshed in our early conditioning, for the good and the bad. As a result, many expect the later years to involve the dreaded Ds of life:  disease, decline, depression, denial, dependence, disability and despair. Without inner work to change this conditioning, most never move beyond “the givens” of aging, which were likely established at a very young age.

My goal is to awaken you to the knowing that this type of aging experience (thriving) is for real and the AgePotential reality can be true for you. We can reprogram out thoughts and beliefs to eliminate our fears and work toward achieving our AgePotential. Once you change your beliefs your experience of aging will change. To positively influence how you age, you only have to be free of fear and believe in yourself and your ability to thrive.  In other words, you must simply expect to thrive —and you will.

The first step in exerting your power to thrive is to align your beliefs to the possibilities of the research:

Myth #1
Life is an inevitable decline to the Dreaded D’s of disease, disability, dependence and depression

Research Truth
According to the National Council on Aging’s Center for Healthy Aging,

“Chronic disease, illness, and disability are not inevitable consequences of aging, but in fact can be prevented or delayed.”


I am capable of maintaining my health, vitality, and purposefulness into old age

Myth #2
I am a Victim of my genes!

Research Truth
Genes are our predisposition – not our fate. We all have both healthy “good” genes and diseased “bad” genes. What activates gene expression (either toward disease/illness or prevention/delay) is how “healthy” or life-enhancing our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and lifestyle choices are. All things we have influence and control over.

I direct the quality of my life experience through my thoughts, emotions, perceptions and lifestyle choices

Myth #3
My destiny lies in something outside of me… in my genes, circumstances, a doctor, a medicine.

Research Truth
Think of it this way: your quality of life is dictated by 10 percent genes and 90 percent mindset and lifestyle.

I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its content

Myth #4
Old Age is a cause of death

Research Truth
Physicians are no longer allowed to list “old age” as a cause of death – instead, they are required to list the immediate causes of death and the conditions leading up to it. Aging is not a disease or a disability; people of all ages encounter disease and disability.

I am continually growing, expanding and thriving

Myth #5
The young are expected to THRIVE while the old are expected tomerely survive.

Truth of Research
As a qualitative researcher, I have come to know there are 90 year olds who are thriving and 30 year olds who are merely surviving. To thrive is independent of age.

I am thriving at every age and stage of life because I lovingly care for my body/mind/spirit now

As you look to your future, my wish for you is that you sidestep the fear and dread and eagerly await the next adventure because your best is yet to come.

I leave you with this challenge: Go on a radical diet and I am not talking about food but instead, abstain from using your age as an excuse or a limitation because in and of itself, it is not.


About the Author:

image001Lori Campbell  is a visionary gerontologist, bestselling author, and speaker with dual expertise in wellness and aging who helps people master the art of aging. She wrote the book, Awaken Your AgePotential (which made #1 best seller status on on launch day) after spending a decade+ years among thriving older adults learning the key to aging is not in the genes but in pliable things we can control. Lori is here to introduce an emerging trend called AgePotential.




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