Alien Abduction: Have You Had Contact?

Alien Abduction: Have You Had Contact?
August 6, 2013 Kemila Zsange



It appears that many of us have already had ET contact but we don’t consciously remember it. Some of us long for close encounters; yet some, as a common attitude towards anything unknown, are fearful to the day when contact and disclosure happen.

According to information given by a channeled ET Bashar, 27 – 37% of the whole populations presently incarnated on earth have had abduction experience. These abductees are all over the world. The purpose is for a hybridization agenda.

Ordinary earth humans live an ordinary life. We don’t know much about what’s “way out there”. And we don’t know much to make out of it even though we hear it, or read it, in stories, movies, books, blogs…

As a hypnotherapist, daily I hear different things – things that are not as “normal” and meaningless as a job title, weather, sports games, or politics. Things I hear are quite beyond our daily physical existence. And I love it.

Jake came to see me for weight loss. He recently hit 400 pounds. Weight has been his long-standing issue. He had bought 5 acres of land and built a cabin there. Living there by himself, in introspection, he was able to identify three reasons/beliefs for weight gain. The third one had to do with some of the horrible and fearful memories in childhood, about 4 years old.

Jake remembered nighttimes when some very strange beings would come, and he would go up spirally to the lamp… and he would fall back. And how much he’d hate falling. The same happenings would go on for a while. Jake would tell his parents, who didn’t know what to make out of his “imaginations”, and eventually would get so tired of hearing it that they’d close their bedroom door on him.

“That’s the end of it.” Jake says, “After that, the strange looking beings did not come anymore.”

In introspection Jake knew the weight issue was connected with those childhood memories. He’d start eating so he’d literally make his body a lead balloon, so he didn’t have to go up to the ceiling.

400 pounds are a wake-up call. Jake is ready now to go back to those memories to find out what it is about.

At night, four-year-old Jake hears the door. That particular sound of it announces their coming. Next, he sees the yellow eyes looking at him. Jake covers himself up with blanket, but he can still “see” him. Next thing he knows, he is going up spirally towards the lamp, until his nose touches the lamp and him facing the ceiling. The memory becomes blur after that…

I guide Jake slowly going through this, until Jake says the next thing he knows is that he is on the table. “They look so weird.”

“How many of them?”

“3, 4… One of them – his head is weird. It looks like number 8.”

“You mean his head looks like a peanut?”

“Yes. Yes! Long neck.”

“Just one of them looks that way? They don’t all look the same?”

“That’s the one I can see from the table.”

“What are they doing to you on the table?”

“They look at me.”

“Inside you must be a lot of questions you want to ask to them. You can communicate with them. Just ask.”

“Why? What do you want from me?” Jake asks, and then says to me, “They don’t talk. They just look.”

“Through their look, do they communicate with you in whatever way at all?”

“They are curious. I have something they want.”

“You have something they want. Ask what they want from you. “

“… Trait. Genetic trait.”

“Okay. That’s what they want from you. On the count of three, go to a time that they do something to you for what they want. 1, 2, 3. What do they do to get the genetic trait?”

“They get something from my arm. I see equipment… waves going up and down.”

“Like a monitor?”


“What happens next?”

“They open my stomach!!!” Jake gives an unbelievable and disgusted look.

“Do you feel pain when they open your stomach?”


“What do you feel when they open your stomach?”

“I don’t know what they are doing?! I’m too small! Why do they want me?”

“Yeah. Why do they want you? Allow the answers to come.”

“The trait… ” Jake looks very overwhelmed now. None of what’s going on seems to make any sense to him. It takes him quite a while to silently yet painfully process it before he could answer any questions again.

Finally he says, “They’ve moved my body to another room. I’m looking at the stars. So bright! I’m not close to earth.”

“Describe the room. Are you there alone?”

“There are other kids. They are not human. They are hybrid kids. They are my age. They look small.”

“Communicate with them.”

“They look so different. They don’t look like me. I don’t like them!”

“Do they look scary?”

“They don’t scare me, but I don’t relate… Now something is opening the door. He’s ugly too. I don’t want to look at him.“ Jake moves his head away.

“What happens next?”

“I fall to my bed.” Jake says as if he wants to end the experience.

I instruct Jack to go back to re-experience how he ended up in the ship. He says “they just beam me up. I feel the pull, and end up on the table.”

“Go back to how you end up back in bed.”

“They put my body on the ceiling. And I fall straight down to my bed. I don’t like the falling part of it. I don’t like that part. I don’t care about the rest.”

“How many times did this kind of experience happen?”

“Many times since 4.”

I then guide him to the first time this happened. He was in his room. He saw the yellow eyes… “Oh, he is so ugly!”

“How ugly?”

“A lot of teeth! He looks like a wolf.”

“What do his eyes tell you?”

“He’s upset. He wants to eat me, but he was stopped.”

“By whom?”

“By a big head. His head is like a mushroom. Very white being. And dark round eyes. He’s in control.”

“What does mushroom-head communicate with you?”

“It’s going to be okay. I feel warm with him. I don’t fear him at all.”

“Then you can ask him a lot of questions. Ask what they want from you.”

“… I have an ability they want. A trait… psychic ability, so that my children may develop psychic abilities.” Jake looks extremely distracted. “I don’t want to see them. I don’t want to talk to them. They look so ugly.”

“How many children are they making from you?”

“I see number 5.”

“Now it seems to me you can trust this mushroom-head. Ask him: when I grow up, I’ll become overweight. Why’s that?”

“… I’m blocking myself on purpose… from my abilities. “

“What are the abilities?”

“Out of body ability… And I know magic. I don’t want to have what they want. I don’t want to have what they want!”

“How many times have they come to get you?”

“5 or 6 times. Throughout the childhood.”

“What was the last time they came to get you? How old are you?”


“Go to that moment now.”

“They come to get my mom and my sister. I see the spaceship. I look from outside. I try to stop them. But I cannot touch anything. I’m out of my body. They don’t let me in. They are done with me.”

After that, I ask whether in the future he’s going to see his five children or not. And Jake says he’s on the right path. And he will be much lighter after he releases the fear. There are more specific keys coming in to that path. It confirms Jake’s wish to go back to his home country.

“Will they ever come back to get you again?”

“Much later. Much later.”

“Get a sense how old you are.”

“59. Very different. The earth will be full of hybrid children… They look weird, but I’m not afraid of them anymore. They just do their job.

Mushroom is always around. He’s one of counsel of 9. They decide. They are very powerful. Everyone listens to him. Everyone has to go through the counsel. The collective decisions have to be made. He protects me from the wolf, which is one aspect of myself in another parallel reality… He protects me from me!” Jake laughs.

For years, eating had been the single most joy for Jake. He’d normally have eaten two servings at a meal. An email came in between our sessions. He expressed how relieved he felt after the session. He felt at peace and had no desire whatsoever to overeat, and it felt so liberating! He also noticed a great shift in his behavior.

When fear becomes our driving engine, we find a lot of fearful and creative ways to deal with the exact thing that we call fear. And a lot of them have to do with our bodies. Another way to say it is: Fear wants to keep fear away.

The original fear normally comes from the unknown. Our mind likes to equate what’s not known with horror. As humans, we are curious about what’s out there in the space. We long for more knowledge and more connections, yet when we are visited, we say no please thank you. You are so different and ugly. Maybe, it is also our fear that’s keeping them away right now? Imagine what would happen to our collective sanity if there were mass landings of ETs, even though they may only mean well.

Until we know, we don’t know, do we?


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