Solstice 2017: A Sacred Pause

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As the Solstice approaches we may be feeling the call to disconnect from reality and reconnect to ourselves.

The astrological energies these past 5 years have not been easy. We’ve been digger deep into the shadows, drawing heavy boundaries and being honest about where we’ve let limitation have the best of us. Most of this has been occurring on an internal level. This means that it can feel like our physical realities are not progressing fast enough. If we try to judge our progress in a linear way it can feel like we are failing or going nowhere.

The truth is we’ve been planting roots. These deep roots are setting us up for the next decade. Even though they are below the surface and not completely tangible; they are a crucial part of the plan.

May the Solstice on December 21st (and the weeks leading up to it) be an invitation to appreciate these inward achievements. This is a time to pause and appreciate how far we’ve come. The temptation to berate ourselves will be there but now is a call to go beyond that shallow perspective.

We all have a darkness that exists within us. This is a time of connecting to that place without fearing it. It’s a time of understanding that from the depth comes creation. Think of a womb for example. It’s dark, yes; but it’s a portal of creation. Not anything to fear.

Over the coming days and weeks remember that we’ve got a root system supporting us beneath the surface. Sure, we may not be able to see it’s there but, if we tune in, we can sense its presence.

Find moments to ceremonially bow down to the vast well of potential that exists within us. Even if that’s just a deep breath here and there. Find mini moments and make them sacred.

These pauses will not only recognize the powerful force of life that moves through us; but they will also serve as a resting place.

The journey is just beginning. December 23rd Saturn will shift into Capricorn (more on that later) and with it many new opportunities will come to the surface.

There is an exciting race ahead of us; collectively and individually. The thing is we don’t want to exhaust ourselves before the race even begins. So take this time to tune into your essence, intuition and inner realm. Embracing the unknown and knowing right now all we have to do is take care of ourselves emotionally, physically and spiritually.

About the Author: Shannon Hugman is a professional astrologer and creator of the Art of Astrology Online Academy. She is excited to be offering a Winter Solstice Online Intention Circle which will help you harness this special opportunity and ground it’s power into your reality. She is also available for personal readings at or if you are interested in learning how to give yourself readings check out her online classes. If you are in the London, Ontario she would love to meet you at this Winter Solstice Day Retreat. 

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