Activating the Golden Age of Humanity

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by Ahtayaa Leigh

There is no doubt that we are living in transformational times. The world is shifting out of the old paradigm ruled by fear into a new Golden Age of Peace and harmony with Universal Law. For decades the Earth plane has been in the process of returning to alignment with the natural harmonic of the Universe, and from now until 2018 we will be experiencing an increase in the amount of golden light being dispensed to Earth from the Great Central Sun. This golden light activates the light codes that are needed to manifest the Golden Age on Earth. The Golden Age is one of peace, balance harmony and the expression of Divine Love. In the new Age of Peace we will no longer be ruled by clocks in the ‘Time is Money’ paradigm, instead we will be guided by synchronicity in the ‘Time is Art’ paradigm. (for more info google the Tzolkin Mayan Calendar System)

It’s not difficult to see that in our own lives, as well as in the wider world around us, things have gotten a little (a lot!) out of balance. Our connection to the flow of pure Divine Love has become blocked, in one way or another, and it is now our duty to clear these blockages and re-establish the flow of Source Energy through our own energy system and that of the world, enabling Divine Love to reign once again.

Many years ago I was given a vision by Great Spirit. I was shown the magnificent light energy grid that surrounds our beautiful Earth. It’s a vast web of Light that connects all beings, and determines the energetic health of the planet. Just as your personal energetic field (your own grid system) determines your health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, so does the energetic field surrounding our dear Mother Earth determine the health and well-being of the collective, all beings living and nonliving. In fact, the same energy grid that surrounds you, surrounds the planet, surrounds the solar system, surrounds the galaxy and so on it goes. We are all connected through the flow of Universal Divine Love!

We’ve incarnated here at an extremely important time. The crystalline energy body (the grid) of Mother Earth is being upgraded and activated with golden light, and by extension our own crystalline DNA is also being activated, connecting us to the golden akash. The golden akash contains the records of creation that hold our light memories from past, present and consecutive lives in all dimensions and time. Activation of our Golden DNA connects us to the highest aspect of our soul that knows the remedy for every imbalance. Once our Golden DNA is activated we begin the process of purification and raise our vibration to meet the level of Christ Consciousness, which is complete peace, balance, harmony and oneness with the Creator.

When we as individuals take responsibility to heal ourselves and share that healing with all beings on the planet, we will see great change. It’s how creation works. It is the universal energy field that connects us. The more of us that open up and allow the golden light to flow freely through our energy fields, the stronger the river of Divine Love will become until eventually everything that does not serve our highest good will be swept away leaving only peace, love, joy and bliss in it’s place.

Thank you for being here. It’s important you know that you DO make a difference. Please don’t ever forget that. You’ll likely go through more challenges in your journey of awakening. It’s those challenges that unlock your power. At times you may question yourself, yet my wish for you is to always remember who and what you are, a powerful Divine Being of Light helping to bring peace on Earth. Thank you!

About the Author: Ahtayaa Leigh is a Galactic Mayan starseed, Keeper of the Golden Ray and creator of the Gold Ray Healing Academy. Following the call of Great Spirit she has traveled the world participating in light activations and planetary healings. Learn more about her work at and join her Facebook page for uplifting inspiration and free monthly group Gold Ray healing activations at Ahtayaa’s Gold Ray Healing.

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