10 Magical Steps to Fulfilling Your Prosperity Dream

10 Magical Steps to Fulfilling Your Prosperity Dream
April 24, 2013 Melissa Zollo

So you want to be successful, healthy, happily married, and rich?

Do you feel like a successful, healthy, happily married, accepted, rich person? Or do feelings of resistance, frustration, anxiety, insecurities and deceit shadow you?

Are you still feeling needy, lost, rejected and deprived? Do you “see” wealthy people as scavengers ready to gobble up the goods? Are you envious of what another has? Do you feel guilty and identify with poverty and failure? Are you surrounded by people who don’t believe in you?

If you feel negative about money, success and yourself, you are not resonating from the fulfillment of your prosperity dream. You are still being defined by lack.

If so, your desire for success will remain just that -a desire. If you continually feel depressed, annoyed, upset, and irritated with yourself or the outside world, you are generating negative vibrations. If you are someone who is used to suffering and not getting what you want from life, you are still living in a poverty/ failure vibrational frequency.

If your old mental and emotional habits don’t feel right anymore, stop wearing them, the way you would stop wearing a pair of shoes that don’t fit. It is up to you to create an alternate future and set forces to work for you rather then against you.

Habits are like clothes, you wear them. They fit your personality and self-image. Some clothes make you feel like a million dollars while others make you feel fat. So often, we wear the same old clothes just because we are use to them. The same can be said for mental habits and feelings. Over 90% of your thoughts and reactions were learned.

Whenever a situation arises that reminds you of the past you tend to interpret it through old emotional responses. If for example, you were whipped a lot, you have to help yourself move through your fearful feelings every time you see a whip. When you free this blocked emotion, whips are just whips.

When you deal with your feelings using the Principle of Imaging you will heal your past memory and move into the present moment. Instead of being reactive you become proactive!

Here are 10 steps to Feeling Prosperous and Fulfilled.

1. Listen to your inner conversations. What are your mental habits telling you? A poverty mindset knows why things can’t work out. A successful mindset always steps up to the plate and looks for a way to work through a crisis. Start having discussions with yourself the moment you feel a knee-jerk reaction coming on. If you get in the habit of intervening on your own behalf you will proceed to hold a correct attitude and change your emotional reactions.

2. Meet the Challenge. If you have a melt down and lose your focus, freak out, and go into an emotional tail spin, once it’s over go back to your image and refocus. You don’t have to beat yourself up because you lost it. A fall out doesn’t have to become a major set back. You are learning to identify when you are vibrating from an error pattern. Things may still scare and upset you for awhile .You are in the process of building self-trust and self-confidence. You will be able to meet an obstacle every step of the way once you develop a good relationship with your deeper self.

3. Congratulate yourself. Give yourself credit when you react to a negative situation as an opportunity rather than a setback. Get in the habit of comforting and nourishing yourself when things don’t go right and you will not succumb to destructive emotions. Each time you do this you will make a deposit into your emotional security bank.

Remember, feeling safe and secure is the vibration that attracts money, wealth and riches. Keep investing in yourself and you will resonate with abundance and optimism. Before you know it, you will start feeling entitled to participating in harmonious relationships and successful outcomes!

4. Throw off the old you like a snake shedding its skin. If something happens that threatens your peace of mind reassure yourself that all is well. How? Direct all of your attention to that which is good. Focus is the winner’s companion. In time you will learn how to keep your cool even if the boogie monster shows up.

5. Treat yourself well. You don’t need to prove that you are a failure anymore. You need to treat yourself like someone you love and care about. Once you get in the habit of feeling lovable and acceptable you will repel abusive people.

6. Let go. It is time to clean house and surrender your concepts of lack. Why allow negative people to scramble your brain? Why keep reminding yourself of painful uncomfortable times? Let go and let the Power work for you. Let go means let go! Make room for the money, success, healing, and fulfilling relationships you desire to be drawn to you. You deserve to feel like you are number one. If you need to have a good cry, have it. Once your eyes have dried persist to let the “old you” go. Do this and you will invite the fulfillment of your dream into your life.

7. Accept Responsibility. Responsibility means the ability to respond. Choose your thoughts and you will choose your reactions. Make changes gradually and you will start feeling better about yourself. Image First! How many times should you do an image? Do it and do it and do it until you change your emotional point of attraction.

8. Commit to new results. Keep your partnership between your conscious and subconscious mind strong and success will be your closest companion.

9. Feel like a million bucks. Feel good. The power to create is anchored in the present moment. If you really want to live your dream start feeling grateful about being successful now. Uplift yourself and you will keep building a new vibrational frequency.

10. Don’t look back! Once you have consciously imaged a new result don’t turn your attention back to your former concept of yourself. If you do, you will re-impress yourself with what you don’t want and go back to a lower emotional frequency.

Success, health, happiness and wealth don’t just pop in.

Most visionaries who are wealthy, successful, healthy, and happy have certain things in common. These people have a certain mindset that include big dreams, good habits, imagination, strong positive beliefs, unshakable inner confidence and a connection to The Source Within. They don’t just “talk the talk, they walk the walk”.

Someone who uses Spiritual Principles to attract positive outcomes is in a constant state of self-adjustment. This type of person loves and enjoys the adventure of life. They attract money, opportunities, good people, and harmonious situations that reflect their mindset. They are passionate about feeling their joy the way some people are passionate about their golf game.

People who know how to vibrate from higher emotions do not attract negative people who cling to them like lead weights. They attract people who believe in them and who are in harmony with similar creative results.

Once they know how to apply the Principle of Imaging, it wouldn’t matter what appearances looked like. If a challenge showed up they would simply recharge their mental and spiritual batteries. Instead of allowing the propaganda in newspapers, TV, or magazines to drive then crazy, they would simply re- focus their attention to the eternal universal principles which govern all life as well as the cosmos. This one action automatically lifts them up into the mental atmosphere of inner safety, protection and security.

The only thing standing between a person and the fulfillment of their
dream is an opposing belief and feeling, not bad luck or a past life.

If you truly want to bring the object of your thought into manifestation you have
to make a decision to get in the habit of feeling prosperous, happy, grateful,
accepted, healthy, loved and successful here and now.


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melissaMelissa Zollo is the author of “Discover the Power of Imagination” and “How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money” CD audio programs.




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