Free Yourself of Every-Thing

By in Mastershift

By Caya Munro

In the nothingness of my heart I find everything

A joy that requires no conditions.

A joy that remains consistent and without highs and lows; a joy that ebbs and flows without a neediness of anything to exist.

It simply Is; pure unconditional peace and joy.

In relying only on my joyful no-thingness for happiness; I am truly free.

My happiness now does not depend on anything. It does not require any one to act a certain way. It does not require certain words to be heard or spoken; it does not require power, wealth, respect or any kind of external acknowledgment of its existence to be happy.

It simply Is.

It can never be taken, changed, fooled or misguided; 

because it is dependent on no-thing.


When you realize that every thing else is simply a distraction or a disturbance from the only thing that will give you pure joy; you cease to look elsewhere for your happiness and instead seek to dwell in the deep joy of your no-thingness.

The magic that occurs in the ceasing of the search for happiness in the conditions that surround you; is that suddenly you don’t NEED anything.

In that moment you start to truly in-joy everything as you no longer need, expect or long for it to give you anything. You already have everything you need within you.

You are free.

Free to actually Be.

Free to Live, Create, Love and In-Joy every moment along with every Thing you are blessed to experience.

THAT is pure. That is unconditional joy.

That is the key to true freedom.

From Your Darkest Moments Come Your Greatest Insights

July has been a very interesting month for me. After the excitement and pure joy of the day retreat in June; I felt exhilarated and excited to make further plans. I felt inspired to expand my services with dance, groups and further day events throughout the summer. Only to realize that with all other life, mummy responsibilities and social events my calendar held for that period; my energy levels just were not up to the pressure and as a result my body told me to stop. So I listened and had no choice but to stop and take note on what the wake up call was telling me…

The insights and epiphanies that I discuss in this blog came from the lowest moment of my “burn out”. When I felt a deep lacklustre for life, for the dreams I had been chasing, for the food I ate to give me comfort and for the relationships I had cultivated. Everything that I once received from now I felt nothing. Just as I was questioning if I would every get my mojo and passion for life back; it hit me…

A deep realisation that I simply could not rely on any of it to fill the void or give me the thing that I was most craving. None of it.

Not love from a partner, not achievement, not money, not travel and not any of the things that I had put so much reliance on for my happiness.

As I realised they are all conditions. Conditions that could change or disappear in an instant. Which meant the minute that they would not be there the feelings of happiness, elation and joy I felt from their existence  would disappear also.

This is the truth I then awakened to: that no-thing can be depended on to give you happiness except the nothingness within.

The no-thing that you Are within.

Which is unconditional. Timeless. Ancient. Unchangeable.

It Simply Is. And in that nothingness I found my greatest strength and joy.

I connected to the infinite joy of my nothingness so deeply that I rejoiced;

“I love you nothingness! In you I find my salvation.”
(or rather- “f-ing hell, that’s it! I’m free! I’m not a slave to it all anymore!)

I realised then I had to stop chasing my dreams away. I had to stop searching for something to give me anything and simply let the pure joy in nothingness guide my way…

I finally felt free… The greatest freedom of all….

Life suddenly becomes lighter, brighter and a whole lot more fun.

I became lighter, brighter and a whole lot more relaxed, happy and at ease.

The need for perfection disappears as I no longer cling to certain outcomes to tell me my worth.

My joy no longer depends on the size, content or tidiness of my house.

My joy no longer relies on how others respond, react or speak to me.

My joy is still alive and lit even though my body is not at its absolute best.

I don’t NEED any of these conditions to be a certain way before I allow myself to be happy!

The Freeing Truth:

No one or no-thing is ever going to give me what I’ve been looking for if what I’m looking for is a feeling of happiness that I don’t already have.

That cake, that man, that car, that house. That pair of shoes, that job, that holiday, that bank balance…

If you are chasing anything outside of yourself in the pursuit of happiness; you will never find what you are looking for.

Whether its academic achievement, popularity, respect, a beautiful body, a successful career, mastering your craft, a loving family or traveling the world…

Whatever it is that you are doing; do it because you LOVE it and in-joy it. Not in hope that it will give you something that you feel you need or something you feel you are missing.

STOP relying or expecting any of it to make you happy and instead start to cultivate your own happiness! Regardless of what your outward world is doing…


I am happy, joyful and content regardless of the conditions of my life…

I am truly free! 

It is in this shift of perspective that everything you had every wished for will begin to flow beautifully and gracefully into your world…

As you allow it in through your vibration of joy, gratitude, and by the natural laws of the universe you will attract more to be grateful for. As you do for the love and not for the need; you truly begin to in-joy life whole heatedly, light heatedly and with a massive smile on your face…

And so it is

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings of insight and excitement!

About the Author: Please do email Caya at [email protected] if this blog resonates with you at all or if you would like to find out more how to become free from the conditions of your life. You can also sign up to my newsletter for notifications of more blogs and to receive my monthly newsletter here.  I would love to hear from you so please do get in touch. Even if just to say hi and chat about the magic of the light and how to keep it sparkling!



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