What Am I Going to Do When I Grow Up?

What Am I Going to Do When I Grow Up?
June 21, 2013 Kemila Zsange

Future Past & Present sign in the skyWhen Linda came to see me, she had a long laundry list of “symptoms of problems”, and she had a self-directed treatment plan: Past Life Regression.

On our first meeting, I learned her fascination of Past Life Regression and Life Between Lives Regression was formed as a result of reading a series of best-selling books. I asked her if she could choose, which one she would start first – addressing some of the urgent problems such as physiological stress and insomnia; or past life fascination. They might end up at the same place but we don’t know when we start. In stating her current life and work situations, she had tears all over. There we had some clue.

The physiological stress regressed her back to the three year old. The term “masturbation” and the threat “punished by God” from parents started to cast very heavy guilt over her. We worked on it. At the end of the session, the ideomotor signal for the question whether the career direction and life purpose were originated in one or multiple past lives was that “not very sure”, or “I need more information”.

Linda is a very successful chiropractor. She’s in her late forties and chiropractic practice has been her only career in her life. She likes it. From the outside she looks quite well off, much better than a lot of people who don’t bother to seek help. To me recently there seems to be a spiritual emergency going on, with different forms and shapes… That same week I started to see three new clients all around 50 years of age, including a counsellor, seeking deeper level of self understanding and purpose.

These people surely know how to THINK, but thinking didn’t seem to get them very far. All our thinking is conditioned. What is it that is original and unconditioned? It’s their quest. I understand and appreciate that they want to go within, therapeutically and creatively… It’s not about another level of self-development, to achieve higher or get more information, it’s about discovering what’s already right here, right now. They found me because they wanted to start a new journey, a journey within. My job is to facilitate it.

When Linda came back for the second session, she reported that she’s been getting very sound relaxed sleep listening to my recording daily. And the physiological stress feelings didn’t seem too bad, if they were still there. However, she had “a more clear issue now: What to do when I grow up. And more importantly, how to grow up.”

That sounds strange for a mother of two adults, a wife, and a helping professional. But it just shows people really choose their own ways to communicate. What she was communicating was a far cry of finding self. Her life before was modeled by a design which says “please others, take care of others, help others, love others, put others first then you’ll be happy and content and fulfilled”.

She has done it all, tried her very best to put others first all the time, love others to her best, help others as far as different roles in her life point to, take care of others, and please others, yet “some rewards are not happening”. Even husband seems happier when she stopped asking. She is left to question “why am I here?”

We started to clarify and identify HER true heart’s desire. To do that, I guided her to enter one of many doors in the hallway after descending the staircase. Behind that door lies the answer or the cues to the answer to her heart’s desire. Interestingly, she went into a future life, where vehicles fly in the air, where communications are done through an ear piece gadget, where a lot of things get accomplished by touching on a sort of glass, where people get lost in the technology and cities are too polluted to live – now that explains the ideomotor answer. She’s a male (let’s call him J) who is very strong built with long legs and who is a doctor. He falls in love with one patient and to save her life J takes her to the country where they can still see blue sky and the greens and settles there. There they have two children. Life is peaceful and quiet until the young daughter has an accident and needs lifelong medical treatment. They move back to the edge of the city and being educated, with reputation and power, J helps with the city planners and developers on how to divert communities and live in harmony with nature and technology, to embrace both worlds. J further separates with his wife and goes on living in a community out of city with robust strength well over 100. It is a life full of decisions and choices. It is a life of balancing the choices and decisions.

I gave her post hypnotic suggestion for finding and honouring her heart’s desire, and aligning it with her thoughts, words and actions. The power of alignment with mind, heart, body and soul – Everything should become easy and flow. Being a chiropractor, you sure know the power of alignment, don’t you?

Linda came for her third session announcing she’s going to separate her practice with her husband, another chiropractor. They always have different philosophies and it’s good for her to be on her own now. And she’s going to take a vacation, first time in their lives, with her husband and son to Berlin. “Today when I sit on your chair and close my eyes, you can use sitting in the plane crossing the Atlantic Ocean as induction!”

As always, Linda has this ability to self-direct her treatment.


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About the Author:

portraitKemila Zsange is a registered Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist with a full time practice based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. She writes for different publications on human mind, subconscious behaviours and our conditioning. She offers services using hypnosis to find inner wisdom to interrupt patterns, to learn from the depth of one’s own being and how to be the best we are meant to be. More information please visit: www.kemilahypnosis.com.




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