Turning Envy into Inspiration

Turning Envy into Inspiration
May 7, 2013 Jodi Chapman



We are enlightened souls – every single one of us.

We each have the ability to connect our inner light with the divine at any given moment.

But while we are here on Earth, we are also human beings.

And that means that we get to embrace the entire spectrum of emotions that come with being human – love, fear, anger, hurt, elation, joy, depression, and the one we’re going to chat a little bit about right now: envy.

At some point in our life, we’ve felt envious of someone else. We felt that they had something that we wanted, and we wished that we had it ourselves.

Maybe while we were struggling financially, we saw someone who was surrounded by abundance, and we felt that tightness inside – that jealousy. Or maybe we really wanted to be in a loving relationship, and we met a couple who seemed so in love and had the kind of relationship that we yearned for. And again, we felt that tightness inside – that envy.

Envy is a human emotion, just like fear. It doesn’t exist inside our soul – it only exists here on Earth. It’s here to help us learn lessons and grow.

And what’s really beautiful about it is that we can use it to our advantage. As we grow and evolve into the spiritual beings that we have always been, we can take our feelings of envy and turn them into feelings of inspiration. We can use this charge that we feel when we meet someone who has something that we want or who is living in a way that we want, and we can use them as a model to help us create it for ourselves!

So if someone is in a loving relationship, which is exactly what you want for yourself, you can take their relationship and see it as evidence that true love is possible. And then you can take all of the emotions that you imagine that they feel for each other and set a clear intention that this is what you would like to attract into your own life. (Maybe you can even start to feel some of those feelings right now – in your present situation!)

Rather than feeling envious, you can feel inspired – because you now see that if it’s available for them, it’s also available for you! 

Seeing others living abundantly and happily is also a wonderful affirmation that shining our light is a beautiful thing  – not something to be put down and feel jealous of. Because very soon, you’re going to be the one shining your own light, and you’re going to inspire others to do the same. It’s a wonderful trickle-down kind of inspiration. And all it takes to see it this way is a flip in your mindset.

If you’re feeling envious of someone in this moment, see that as a good thing! Because you now know what you want to bring into your own life. Now you can begin taking steps toward that immediately. Embrace this person with love and gratitude, and thank them for shining their light and showing you the way.

Envy is a beautiful emotion when we can view it through this lens of spiritual growth. If we allow it to, envy can shine a light on everything that we are ready to bring into our life. And then we can begin to make it so.

Would you be willing to give the envy in your life permission to move through you and flow out of you in the form of inspiration?

Would you be willing to let it be the spark that lights the fire of greatness inside of you? 


About the Author:

image1Jodi Chapman is the author of the inspirational blog, Soul Speak and the bestselling Soulful Journals series, co-authored with her husband, Dan Teck. She would love to help you reconnect with your soul! Receive over 100 soulful writing prompts for free by clicking here!



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