Take a Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith
December 31, 2013 Darpan Kaur

image1When you have faith in a person the heart and mind are in complete harmony. Faith is about closing your eyes and free-falling backwards, trusting the person behind you to catch you. Faith is about knowing that even though you may not get what you want, it is the perfect thing for you. It’s about trusting that what that person is doing is absolutely the right thing. It’s about complete surrender of your self.

Babies have that don’t they – they just completely trust you. They chuckle as you toss them in the air, because they know you won’t let them fall! Does it build over time for them? No, they laugh from the first moment, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a parent or someone they don’t know.

If there is doubt, there is no faith – and some faith, even 99% faith is no faith.

It presumes the ‘complete trust’ in its very meaning.

I have been thinking about words and their real and true meaning. And how the meaning of certain words carries a lot of baggage for us. Take faith for example – when someone says they have faith in you, you strive to be what that person wants you to be or to do the things the person wants, to deliver on that faith.

We use the word to motivate people, sometimes to make them do things we want them to do. But faith is not about that. If someone has faith in you, then you need to do what you would do anyway or what feels right to do. You do not need to do what’s expected from you. And vice versa, having faith in somebody means that they may sometimes give you some bitter pills to swallow but do it anyway; it just might save your life.

Faith in god or the divine or the universe is that as well. To know that every experience you have is only there to enrich you. And that’s a toughie.

Especially when you lose someone you love and you wonder what enrichment is in that?! Faith is trusting that all that happens is exactly the way it is meant to be. The ultimate gesture of faith is to reach the place when one can thank each experience as it happens.

An interesting question is, who is the person in your life do you have that faith in? If you have faith in one person then you are truly blessed. Now remember this is 100% trust. Try going through a single day, doing whatever that person wants you to do. Surrender your will to the will of that person. Drop your intellect, drop the ‘if’s and buts’ and without questions, without doubt, without recriminations, go on, try it – take a leap of faith!

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Darpan is a hypnotherapist & Reiki Healer, interested in all things metaphysical and spiritual. “My path is a seekers path and ambition is to learn and grow as long as I live.”


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