Selfless for World Peace

Selfless for World Peace
October 10, 2013 Marisa Ikpoh



We are in a time of struggle, hurt, pain, fear, misdirection.  Yet I remain hopeful for a change.

Here is what I know…

We as a people are selfish.  We generally put our personal conveniences above all else and are steadfast/devout to or personal deities of technology and/or comfort.  Of course the level to which we do this varies dependent on our financial status and global location; yet we are all guilty to a certain extent.

What if I were to tell you that world peace could be achieved but you would have to turn in your smart phones?  What if I said, in order to build a safer tomorrow you had to turn off the television and go out to meet your neighbor in kindness and not complaint?  Would you do it?

Let’s deal facts.  True enough a smart phone has never directly ended a person’s life (that I am aware of); yet think of the pain we constantly bring by something as simple as a status update.  We have come to a place of such disregard for one another that tragedies on the news become just a new form of reality television.  We are numb to pain and even as we experience emotion, we stifle it down and categorize it towards the bottom of our totem pole of importance.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m just as guilty as the rest.  This information doesn’t stem from assumption, it comes from experience.  Yet the bottom line is this.

At some point we as individuals and collectively must reach bottom, and from the looks of things we are nearly there.  Once at the bottom we must remember to look up for direction.  We must grab the hand of our neighbor and help each other from the pits of our current existence.  However, we won’t be able to reach the full potential of our greatness and enter the promise of peace until our hands are free from the weapons that have created the hole from which we find ourselves having to climb.

I don’t suggest the solution to our longstanding streak of benevolence to be simple or quick.  Yet I do have faith that a solution exists.  We need but cast aside our selfish ways of being and be truly willing to make small sacrifices for the greater good.

Truth is peace begins with one; and I’m ready to be the change I wish to see in the world.  Are you?….


About the Author:


I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful daughters.  I am no different than the stranger sitting next to you on the bus, in the coffee shop or in line behind you at the grocery store.  I have simply chosen to accept the changes that have been gifted to me in a positive way.

I used to have a more “Daria-esk” perspective; [I.e. glass half empty, question everything, believe nothing], but I always knew there was something missing within myself.  I was however blessed with a beautiful and loving family despite my attempts at self sabotage.  The beauty I am uncovering through self discovery and by following my path towards internal peace is what carries me through.  I am an intuitive and I am a medium yet these things do not define me; they simply allow me to bridge the gap.

I now know and accept that it is by HIS grace that I’ve made it this far with the blessings HE has granted me… and I know that it is by HIS grace that I will continue towards the beautiful destiny that was given to me before I ever met the Earth.  So I choose to share in my journey towards positivity and I pray that perhaps I can help at least one person.

I am Marisa, and these are my Moments.





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