Ocean Crossing

Ocean Crossing
May 1, 2013 Melissa Zollo



My friends said, “Don’t do it. If the current doesn’t drown you, smashing up against those rocks surely will.”

My parents said, “Oh dear, why choose such a big one? What will the neighbors say?”

My co-workers said, “Think of those who never made it.”

The doctors said, “That ocean will drown you quicker than the weariness you feel. Let’s check your medication.”

My lover said, “What about me?”

Others said, “So many obstacles to overcome.”

But it’s my ocean. My obstacle! My challenge! My dream! I attracted it. I will trust. They all asked, “Why?” I wondered,” Why not?”

They focused on the difficulties, I on the solutions — my freedom, my happiness, the crossing, and the adventure.

Everyone laughed. “It is too big, too deep, too cold, too tough, too many unknowns, too many hungry sharks. Stop now before you get in over your head.”

I realized that their way of life was built on resistance.

They had learned from birth to never question, always to follow, to fear change, and to give up. But I was tired of clinging tightly to my old way of life. I thought, “How will I know if I have the power to swim with the sharks if I don’t try? I will learn how to allow the current to guide me.” I turned away. I tapped into my courage. I let go. I took a deep breath and stepped into the deep end of the ocean of life.
I looked back just once.

I turned to all of them who represented each and every one of my doubts, and I said, “Dear parents, teachers, schools, businesses, religious institutions, and the world at large — you have done and said everything possible to convince me that it is acceptable to live an unhappy, fearful life, and insisted that I must accept limitations and be miserable in order to get what I want. But I say that happiness is one of the most important things in life. Joy, laughter, love, and the freedom to choose adventures will let me dream my highest vision and think my deepest thoughts. They will lift me to freedom and let me breathe freely and become wise.

It is you who are under a spell. Your beliefs about separation, limitation, and terror have put you in bondage. I say it is my birthright to feel loved, calm, happy and abundantly blessed in the moment. You can find freedom if you will only choose to believe in yourself and let go.”

As I began to move away from the crowd, I said in parting, “You will see me on the other side of my dream. I will be the one radiating success and joy, and shouting with gladness that I did it. I swam with the current. I learned from the sharks. I overcame the riptide. And in the end I will meet those who see me as I now see myself: triumphant, aware, happy, loved, loving, grateful and abundantly blessed.”


“Come to the ocean.

We might drown.

Come to the ocean.

The waves are too high.


And they came.

And they surrendered their fears.

  And they swam.”

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Melissa Zollo is the author of “Discover the Power of Imagination” and “How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money” CD audio programs.



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