My Personal Experience With EFT

My Personal Experience With EFT
January 5, 2015 Jodie Hebbard



The first time I heard about EFT (or Emotional Freedom Technique), I was a few weeks into my solo adventure in Mexico and had just been through a pretty traumatic experience. I had been bit by a stray dog while walking on the beach outside my rental house. I was telling my good friend back home about my experience that day, and having just completed her level one EFT training she suggested I look into it and she truly believed that it could help me through the emotions and stress I was feeling and that it could also help me get through my next few weeks alone there.

I wasn’t convinced. My whole purpose of being in Mexico was to raise my awareness but unfortunately the incident with the dog set me back about 18 steps and I was simply in no place to explore how tapping different parts of my body could help me. I was closed off and needed time to regroup and raise my conscious awareness again.

Since then my friend has gone on to complete levels two and three of the EFT training, I have come back home from my trip to Mexico, and once again opened my mind and my heart.

My first experience with EFT far exceeded my expectations. I decided to tap on my experience with the dog since I was still being affected with the stress and emotion from the incident and I truly wanted to work towards releasing that.  What ended up happening went so far beyond the dog bite and into a separate deep rooted emotional issue that I didn’t even know was holding me back.

Here are some of the things I experienced through my EFT practice that helped me in moving forward from the emotions that were holding me back.

1.  Increased awareness.

Part of the EFT process includes using affirmations to acknowledge an incident. By stating the affirmations repeatedly throughout the process brought an increased sense of awareness to the issue that carried on past the actual EFT session. I became much more aware when I was experiencing those feelings after the session and was able to much more quickly put them back into perspective, until they no longer surfaced at all for me.

2.  Openness to deeper-rooted issues.

By tapping on one specific area and using the affirmation, it opened my eyes to a much deeper issue that was affecting me so much more. The wording that I used throughout my original tapping session brought forward a lot of emotion for me, and when I reflected back on the session, I realized that it was through the exact words that were used that brought forth another deeper issue.  By then tapping on the deeper issue, I was able to relieve the stress and tension for both feelings.

3.  Ability to let it go.

Allowing myself to feel the feeling was a huge release. Fear is generally based around the fear of feeling a feeling. By tapping through the emotion, it allowed me to show up to face the fear and to feel the feeling, which in turn allowed me to move forward.

4.  Opens up the doors to the universe to show me the signs.

After tapping, the amount of synchronicities that showed up for me was inconceivable.  For a few weeks after my initial session, I kept getting messages in different forms that were bringing me back to me deeply rooted emotion. One area in particular kept showing up for me and being able to recognize it and quickly tap through it, the emotion subsided, until it no longer appeared, in any form.

5.  Shift your entire perceptions and become more open.  

Since I have started tapping, I have become more aware of the debilitating emotions a lot quick quicker and am rapidly able to identify them and tap on them, which allows me to move forward more freely and openly.

Whether it’s science, psychological, magic or something else, something truly does happen through the experience of EFT and I highly recommend it to all my clients that present any emotional trauma that may be keeping them stuck to allow them to move forward with more freedom and forgiveness.


About the Author:

Jodie Hebbard Head ShotJodie Hebbard is a certified life coach and career fulfillment coach. She works with clients from all over the world to help them get clear on their life purpose and break free from the golden handcuffs to start creating a life that they love by doing what they love.

After taking a spiritual sabbatical she decided to make some major life changes and start living life by her own rules. She left her successful career in business management and human resources after 11 years to pursue her passion and live her true calling in helping others live their dream.

Jodie is based in Calgary, Canada and is a travel enthusiast, animal lover, vegetarian and mom to her amazing rescue dog and travel companion, Chai.




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