Money Is Spiritual: Opening the Gates

Money Is Spiritual: Opening the Gates
September 24, 2014 Christine Horner

blog-money2It’s time to have a talk—a serious talk about money. It’s been a couple of years since 12/12/12 and many awakened ones are still struggling financially, still trying to figure out how money fits in within their expanded spiritual views.

Recall, prior to the frenzied run-up to the “twelves,” rumors ran rampant that the “Forces of Good” would finally extract control of trillions of dollars from the “Forces of Evil” to be distributed to lightworkers globally, along with the revaluation of several currencies. Many people put their lives on hold or lost everything investing in and waiting for these events to materialize, or are still waiting for invitations to live in cooperative community.


Fundamentally, the only thing that has changed, is that we have heralded in a higher consciousness collectively—a glorious thing for all of humanity. Prior, only a handful of enlightened ones walked the Earth, now thanks to the Grand Awakening, many do. We realized that we are the Second Coming of Christ, as a state of consciousness—Christ consciousness, or Unity Consciousness.

Those of us that were industrious before enlightenment continue to be so, chopping wood and carrying water, as the saying goes, transitioning from competitive separation consciousness to working together cooperatively—though your occupation may also have evolved.

You are now aware that the all of everything is God, including you, as love itself. As part of God’s perpetual existence, God/Creation loves and supports Itself as the One, meaning Creation loves and supports you, the caveat being—your participation is required.


Let’s examine how money energetically fits into the Big Picture. In dimensions higher and lower than the third, money is not found. But, as a multi-dimensional being, you also live in the third dimension where money exists as a means of energetic exchange within Creation for the purpose of perpetuating more of itself. Creation/God is its own power source, perpetually making love.

As you appear to have a physical body that arises out of third dimensional energy, the metaphor of money represents is an inseparable part of living in third dimensional consciousness and always will be, unless one wishes to live like an animal or be totally dependent on others for their basic needs.

When in the physical body, no human escapes vocation. Jesus was a teacher with so much money coming in, Judas managed it for him. Even a beggar with a begging bowl works hard as a beggar. Many spiritual teachers/gurus are masters in marketing higher consciousness, attracting devotees happy to handle the third dimensional aspect of their vocation for them. The beggar begs, the spiritual teacher markets concepts, the student studies, the artist expresses… Everyone works at something.

Dependence on others is not interdependence, the natural order of things. Though the true teacher teaches out of compassion and not for money, he or she realizes money is part of the package of being human and does not oppose it, therefore it flows freely. Even the honeybee and the flower have a symbiotic relationship, the flower bearing the pollen for the bee to cultivate. Those living in caves in the Himalayas are brought food in recognition of the “work” they are doing on behalf of all of humanity on a much higher plain of existence because the third dimensional aspect of physicality must still be handled. And you must handle yours. Like the yogis, you are not asked to do so alone. The Universe is synergistically offering you abundance and means now, in this moment. In the third dimension, it takes two or more.


The belief that money is not “spiritual” or the rejection of money is actually a belief born out of separation consciousness. To reject money is a form of rejecting love itself, and/or creating separation.

Let’s go deeper briefly by understanding that the human is always doing both—creating separation and unification as part of the ebb/flow cycle of the physical world. When you become fully conscious, transcendence of your own habitual looping ebb/flow patterns occurs as you uncover them, but you are still subject to the ebb and flow of the physical world.

You may not be interested in money other than your daily bread. We could possibly speculate that 99% of the planet would be quite content to simply receive their daily bread without struggle, preferring to live a joy-filled life with no need to amass fortunes for fortunes’ sake, however, in 3D, action must still be taken.


So many awakened are suffering from such poverty, it’s time we collectively address the matter. As stated previously, many reject money believing that austerity leads to even greater depths of spirituality, that money is no longer required, or they are waiting for someone to hand them money, gifts, resources and opportunities without having to take any steps on their own behalf.

These imaginings, now a full-blown collective fantasy also derived out of separation consciousness, have taken on a life of their own. As Christ consciousness is within, so too, is your abundance. Do you see how rejecting any aspect of life, including the human part of existence is to reject yourself? Money is spiritual.

As we do live multi-dimensionally, there is no choosing money or not choosing money—it’s all you. This is the missing link: We transcend the paradox by accepting and living our lives from both the physical world and from above.

Energetic exchanges and “free” occur simultaneously. (There is actually still an exchange occurring in the “free” economic model.) We give freely of ourselves—our time, talent, skills, knowledge (and yes, money)—which creates the opportunity for others to give to us. We also accept gifts/donations and set prices for materials good—no avenue more or less holy or “spiritual” than the other. Giving is receiving is giving… This is the Circle of Life.


In the third dimension, DOing is the physical expression of the BEing. So go creatively chop wood. Launch exchange systems where money is not compulsory, if that is your calling. If you wish to live in cooperative community, find others and construct one, or start one on your own. Do not wait for an invitation. Allow the creativity and the money to flow.

Giving and receiving is the Universe in perfect balance, meaning you are in perfect balance. If you don’t wish to handle the busywork of money once you receive it, delegate it to those who enjoy it. The fun of receiving money is not in furthering accumulation, but in the joy of giving it away again!

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