When We Let Go of the Ten Commandments

When We Let Go of the Ten Commandments
January 29, 2014 Christine Horner



In an advanced culture, laws are minimally required.  Decrees would be regarded more as a form of a mutually agreed upon code of conduct for society to manage collective resources, commons, and well-being.  The number of laws a civilization requires marks the maturity level of those able to demonstrate practicality in the physical world and also the Law of Love of the metaphysical world as ascribed to by the Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Maharshi, and countless others.

A fully self-actualized, sovereign being acts out of Unity Consciousness—what you do for your neighbor, you do for yourself.  It would immediately be recognized that Creation (w)holistically harmonizes together cooperatively and that you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Third-dimensional Ten Commandments, a simplistic, compulsory moral code of conduct for carrying mankind beyond its animalistic tendencies, now moves into fifth dimensional consciousness as the “Thou shalt nots…” become “Thou doths…”  We evolve from fear-based rule of law, which tells us what not to do, to love-based imperatives of the heart demonstrating what is natural to do from a state of co-creative BE-ing.  Mandates subject to penalty become freedoms subject to reward.  More accurately, one is simply accepting the gifts already given.

Ten Freedoms of Conscious Co-Creation

1.  Thou doth knowest all of Creation as God.

2.  Thou doth knowest Thyself as ONE with all of Creation as God.

3.  Thou honors Thyself and all of Creation as God.

4.  Thou keeps holy every moment of now.

5.  Thou honors thy Masculine and Feminine aspects of creative expression.

6.  Thou honors all of Life regardless of appearance.

7.  Thou honors union of the One as originally created.

8.  Thou expresses gratitude for abundance everywhere.

9.  Thou remains transparent in all areas of personal conduct.

10.  Thou doth knowest thy neighbor’s abundance is in accordance to abundance gifted to all beings equally, withstanding appearance.

[Note:  A modern version of the Ten Freedoms appears at the end of this article.]



Again, this leap in consciousness is not possible until we evolve from a child-like understanding of God as an outside intelligence dispensing reward and punishment based on human performance.  Reward or punishment are the result of the deed itself (karma), rather than an outside moderator applying personalized case-by case conclusions.

In the same vein, we are not punished for our sins, we are punished by our sins.  Context is king.  Incorrectly inserting a preposition can and has set back human evolution for hundreds of years until someone has enough courage to say, “Hey, wait a minute…”  In religious reality, there is only ever a single “sin,” the original sin that expresses in infinite forms—the beLIEf we are separate from the Creator/Creation.

Our capacity as co-creators has “in-deed” allowed us to prolifically construct every manifestation of union to separation as part of the infinite expression of Creation.  The co-creation of a polarized world of contrast still only ever is the ONE Creation.

To one transfixed by messages of hope and faith, to learn there is no one looking down on you can be devastating—at least not in the context which you have been taught.  To those ready to hear, true magic begins once you let go of hope and faith’s limitations and move into a more mature understanding of God, who you are and why you are here.

Freedoms of Conscious Co-Creation

I am honored to know all of Creation as God and to know Myself as ONE with all of Creation.  I honor Myself and all of Creation, keeping every moment of now as holy.  I honor the Masculine and Feminine aspects of all Creation, regardless of appearance.  I honor union of the One as originally created.  I remain transparent in all areas of personal conduct.  I express gratitude for abundance, knowing My neighbor’s abundance is in accordance to abundance gifted to all beings equally.

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Dedicated to the advancement of human consciousness, Christine Horner is the founder of In the Garden Publishing, Bodhi UniversiTree and is the author of the ground-breaking and acclaimed What Is God? Rolling Back the Veil and newly released, The Gift.  The host of the new radio show, From Mystery to Mastery, her web site is www.ChristineHorner.com.  This article may be reproduced with full attribution only.




Christine Horner is a 2014 Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author and the co-founder of the What Would Love Do Foundation. Her latest book is Awakening Leadership: Embracing Mindfulness, Your Life’s Purpose, and the Leader You Were Born to Be. www.ChristineHorner.com


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