Meditation on the go; top meditation apps

Meditation on the go; top meditation apps
March 26, 2013 Christina Arabolis

A modern way to learn and enjoy meditation is by downloading a meditation app to your phone.  Now you can meditate when you take a break or step outside during the day.  Here are some top apps that are available:


For Android users; offers daily meditation sessions, guided step by step meditations and even free walking meditation podcasts.  The free on the go app is also available to iPhone users too:


The Mindfulness App

This app offers four guided meditations: 3, 5, 15 and 30 minutes in length.  It also includes daily mindfulness notices:



Called “An urban meditation app for modern life” Buddhify is designed to improve mindfulness, concentration and balance.  It contains 32 custom-written urban meditation tracks.


Zen Insight Timer

The Insight Timer helps you to focus instead of thinking about a clock.  You chose the bells and set the time and it will peacefully guide you through your meditation session.


Smiling Mind

This app is specifically designed for a younger audience, 7-11 years old, but anyone can use it because it is fun and easy.  The app is free.


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