The Dark Night – Awakening from the Trauma of the Human Spirit

The Dark Night – Awakening from the Trauma of the Human Spirit
March 30, 2015 David Zenon Starlyte



We stand at a crossroads. Our very survival as a species now hangs in the balance. Even the greatest fears are now arising, coming to the surface, being exposed, expunged, and transformed into a new form.

“And once the storm is over, you won’t remember how you made it through.” ~ Haruko Murakami

Our vitality and sense of self has been taken away from us. What we are seeing is a discharge of energy, which is both terrifying and also liberating. What do we perceive to be negative or positive? Who holds power over us? Are we victims of oppression? Do we have the power to create our reality?

To make new choices, first we need to release the past and face the spiritual void that causes our addictions.

According to the Cuna Indians who live on the San Blas islands off the coast of Panama, a part of the soul flies away whenever a person experiences a serious trauma. A good shaman is careful not to retrieve that part of the soul until his patient has dealt with the trauma that caused it to leave.”– John Perkins, The World is as You Dream it

Trauma stimulates many unconscious control mechanisms aimed at survival, yet when imminent danger evaporates, a void is created within the psyche. Along with the psychological scarring that occurs, perpetual stress is a symptom of a deeper cause. This is our heritage – what we have inherited is inherently dysfunctional.

We are neither healed nor come to feel our intrinsic ‘wholeness’ until we can face, accept, and integrate all parts of ourselves.

All that seems disconnected, is connected as everything is inter-connected. Our disconnection from nature reflects our disconnection from ourselves and our nature. Our personal darkness is reflected in the destruction of our environment.

“Up to the present…the whole created universe in all its parts groans as if in the pangs of childbirth.” ~ St. Paul

Now, we stand at the precipice of a whole new way of life. Do we choose a new way and pour gasoline over the shell of an ignorant and unenlightened age? Do we determine a new course of behaviour that opens up the possibility of creating something extraordinary? Or do we continue to feed the burning fire of a decaying age?

We must first face the dark night of the soul so the darkness we have suppressed can be exposed and in bringing light to the darkness, liberated. As spiritual warriors, we must face the destruction that precedes rebirth and awakening. The ensuing anarchy is visible as a trembling as the self searches for itself. To become what we are meant to embody, is to encounter and evoke the loving presence of our Creator.

We face an increasing volatility carved our of ignoring the magnitude of our planet’s problems and choosing to look the other way. The consequences are greater now than they’ve ever been. A moment has arrived where are being asked to step away from the old fear-based world, and enter a new age of enlightenment. As one age ends, so a new dream, long-suppressed, is finding expression.

“The created universe is waiting with eager expectation for God’s sons to be revealed.” ~ St. Paul

One of the keys is to accept and recognise all life as sacred. Creation is via cosmic forces that are completely balanced, harmonious, equanimous – thus polarity is an absolute fabric of our world. Where there is light, there must exist a corresponding shadow if not expressed in real terms, then in potentiality.

As seekers, we are finding that our nature is the path, the path is our nature – it is up to us to manifest our highest expression in the world, our enlightenment. That means not depending on the external, not depending on a form or figure, deity, guru, God or Goddess – we are being tasked with becoming our own guru, with walking in the steps of God. This was ultimately the message of many of the great teachers from Jesus to Lao Tzu. The initiation is into independence and not relying on an external source for energy and support. It is to dance knowing that our wounds can be healed only by ourselves, knowing that our fears are common to all and can be transmuted, knowing that we are here to be heard. We cannot be silenced any more.

Within each of us is a seed of longing that is our spark of Divinity. This light source is forever coaxing us to goodness, to follow our dreams, to bring our passions into the world. Our true passion can never be found in greed or the creation of suffering. For this seed would be happy to do something it loves for free. As Kahlil Gilbran put it – “work is love made visible.” (It was for him, as a poet!) Sadly, for too many of us, that just sounds like a fantasy. Our soul purpose is denied and we are destined to live perpetually in numb avoidance. Loving ourselves is how we love the world, and loving the world is how we love ourselves.

The sculpures of our world begin as dreams. We make the world with our dreams. It is our mind that brings to us what we have. It is the creation of the mind we see in our world. We can still change course and change our dreams. Our very destiny is being carved by the wisdom of our actions right now – do we keep going as usual, turn around and go backwards, or chart a new enlightened course?

The moment of choice is right now. What will you choose for yourself and our world?

“Are you a God?” the Buddha was asked.
“No,” he replied.
“Are you an angel then?”
“Then what are you?”
“I am awake!” replied the Buddha.


About the author:

David G Arenson ND is an international SOUL-COACH who travels the world as a transformational healer and speaker. He is working on a book on self-empowerment, and developing journey retreats to places of spiritual activation. David is actively seeking partners to co-create his vision of an enlightened and unified planet of choice. He can be reached via email ([email protected]) and websites, and


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