Live Your Life Like A Gentle Breeze

Live Your Life Like A Gentle Breeze
December 28, 2013 Rev. Robert Meagher



Do you remember it?  That wonderful, blissful moment when a gentle breeze caressed your face; the joy and delight you felt from that unexpected moment; that moment that appeared without notice and left the same way.

Do you remember it?  That serene, contemplative moment when, without asking, you were pleasantly and gratefully aware of something that touched you at your core.  For a moment, you were aware of something ‘other than you’.  For a moment, you were aware of a force that made you realize that life is more than the clutter of our everyday thoughts.

A gentle breeze is a beautiful metaphor for the life I would like to lead.

A gentle breeze presents itself to us without notice; and yet we welcome it with a blissful recognition that it is exactly what we need in the moment.

A gentle breeze is unobtrusive; it makes itself known without any fanfare or grand announcement.  

A gentle breeze is refreshing; it rejuvenates and nourishes us and our souls. 

A gentle breeze is omnipresent; it is always there…we sometimes are just not open to receiving it.

And as it came to light up our day, it leaves as it entered… 

The gentle breeze leaves as gentle as it came; we are as unaware of its departure as its arrival. 

The gentle breeze makes no announcement or warning of its departure; we just realize it is not there any longer. 

The gentle breeze leaves us feeling refreshed and nourished; we are revitalized and transformed.

Imagine what life would be like if we shared our love, gratitude, compassion and forgiveness like a gentle breeze.  Imagine for a moment the inner peace we would feel, and the inner peace we would be sharing with our brothers and sisters.  Imagine the good that would be realized for human kind and our soul journeys.


May your life be lived like a gentle breeze.


Shanti, Namaste, Agapé,


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About the Author:   Rev. Robert Meagher

Robert Meagher worked for almost 25 years in traditional corporate settings and acted in various management roles in the education, arts, financial, not-for-profit, government, consulting, and healthcare sectors. Along the way Robert earned bachelor and masters degrees and professional certifications. Robert left corporate Canada in 2009 to set himself adrift and explore a new way of living and seeing the world we live in.  Robert is now an Interfaith Minister who embraces a spiritual life and now serves to guide all those who wish to accept the Divine into their lives.  Through Spiritual Guidance, Robert’s ministry initiative, he embraces the opportunity to serve those who wish to explore their own spirituality and gain insight into who they are, their purpose here in this lifetime and existence, and their desire to grow in Spirit.  Robert can be reached at 613-204-0299, [email protected], or through his website at







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