Introduction To The Sacred Space

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Each of us has our very own sacred space within our body. It’s not some place inside an actual building you have to go to. You don’t have to go anywhere because you’ll find it wherever you are.
You’ll find it located in your chest and abdomen. Does this seem a bit odd? Think of all the thousands of years many all over the world have described the heart as a seat of emotion. We all know it’s really just a muscle pumping blood through our body, but we talk of it as overflowing with love, or even breaking due to sadness. Our sacred space is just that sort of thing.
The Sacred Space Lies Within
How can you get to your sacred space? By using guided thought.  Find a quiet place and get comfortable. Close your eyes and ask your mind to slow down, and then walk down to that place in your body. I find it helpful to slow down and deepen my breathing. Once you arrive there, ask your mind to sit down with you. Continue to simply rest in the peace you find there. One of my favorite ways to use my sacred space is to insert a few moments of peace into my day.
Inner Peace Creates Outer
What else can we do with our sacred space? It is the one place we can feel completely safe and secure, because there are no judgments to be handed down there. It’s very calm and quiet, allowing our minds the opportunity to roam a bit and discover creative solutions to pressing problems. Whenever I have a particularly nagging issue going on, I make extra time to go to my sacred space. When I get there, and my mind has calmed down, I ask the nagging question out loud. Then I wait.
Our Sacred Space is the source of all creativity.
When I first started doing this, an answer didn’t always appear. Sometimes, an answer would appear, but I knew it wasn’t a very good one. As I got better at it (with practice, just like learning to play an instrument), better answers came up. Nowadays, good answers come up regularly, and often more than one. Then I can choose the one I feel will work best in the situation. Knowing a solution to a problem helps me continue feeling peaceful when I re-emerge into regular life.
We Create our Happiness.
I encourage you to set aside some time to visit your own sacred space. It can help you find that more peacefully secure life you dream of.
Inspirational writer and speaker Manya Vee is the founder and director of the Fullness Circles Foundation. She moderates Fullness Circles, a place anyone can come to explore meaning and then find encouragement to express it. Her weekly inspirational column can be found on Medium, and on the Manya’s Musings page of her website, where you can subscribe to receive it in your inbox. Also an award-winning artzo, Manya Vee is founder and owner of MaJe Gallery in Edmonds, WA, now well into its second decade of operations. She has founded and directed the celebrated Edmonds Art Walk, Edmonds Mural Society, and Edmonds Tunes, helping to create a vibrant arts scene in the Pacific Northwest.


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