I AM THAT I AM: Wisdom Tips from One Who Keeps Them Alive!

I AM THAT I AM: Wisdom Tips from One Who Keeps Them Alive!
April 19, 2013 Melissa Zollo

There is only One I AM manifesting in limitless forms or beliefs of itself.

                                                           “I AM THAT I AM.”

I AM cannot be divided.

I may conceive of myself to be healthy, happy, loved, rich and successful or the reverse, but the core of my being remains the same regardless of the beliefs I hold of myself.

I AM is the foundation stone.

I AM is the first cause-substance.

I AM signals feelings and endless forms into existence.


This discovery of Cause reveals the secret that men and women are the architects of their destiny, dream-makers and that it is their concepts/beliefs of themselves that determines the world in which they live.

In other words, if you are experiencing any kind of limitation in your experiences, knowing the truth about CAUSE & EFFECT, you cannot attribute your outer results to anything other than to a particular belief (conscious or unconscious) that is vibrating within your energy field.  These results were produced by your emotional reactions (feelings) to people, situations and things, ie Life.

Do you have a dream? Do you have a desire to be or to express something greater?

All transformations begin with a strong desire, correct image and by claiming I AM.

If you accept and allow yourself to live in  new realms of I AM and accept the task of incarnating into a new greater value of yourself, in time, your dreams must and will manifest. This is the Law of Consciousness.

Therefore, you and you alone are the architect of this moment and your destiny!

Today and for the 30 days pay attention to your inner conversations and self-talk.

Listen to how you talk to yourself and others and how they speak to you .

Listen to how the Powerful words I AM are used and you will know what you are creating, summoning, drawing to yourself… because Thoughts Create Results!






Never close a door on your dreams – your dreams are calling you!


About the Author:

melissaMelissa Zollo is the author of “Discover the Power of Imagination” and “How to Unleash the Power With and Attract Money” CD audio programs.




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