High Vibration/Low Vibration

High Vibration/Low Vibration
January 21, 2013 Christina Arabolis


Before I considered myself “aware,” I classified my moods to be either good or bad.  There were days when I would roll out of bed with a smile and others when I just wanted to remain there.  I had no insight as to how I was feeling.  It was either a good day or it wasn’t.  Age and experience has increased my awareness.  What I now look to maintain is a high vibration; a feeling of happiness from within.

You recognize when you are operating from a higher vibration because you are in the Universal flow; you feel invincible like there’s nothing you cannot do.  When you are operating from a place of love and peace, everything and everybody in your life looks beautiful.  Almost like magic, the people, situations and circumstances you desire manifest from thin air.  You relish and have appreciation for the process as you move in sync with the Universe.  Then, out of nowhere, life throws you a curve ball…

You know what I mean, an upsetting situation that seems to appear out of nowhere.  It covers you like a blanket and makes you feel sad.  Before long, you realize you have fallen out of the Universal flow as your thoughts now are lower on the vibrational scale – such as anger, anxiety or fear.  Your mind becomes engrossed as it replays the upsetting situation repeatedly, not only to yourself, but to friends and family members.  Because of your awareness, you realize that by reaching out in your negative state to others, you are bringing them down too.  The difference between being in a good mood/bad mood and high vibration/low vibration is that you “know yourself” and the Laws of the Universe.  The work must begin to bring back your higher self.  How do you climb back up the frequency ladder?

First, find your center.  Spend some quiet time with yourself by doing some meditation.  Ask that your mind be shut off in order to listen to the message in your heart.  What is your heart telling you to do?  How is it telling you to heal?  Second, express gratitude for the many blessings in your life; even it means writing them down several times a day.  Being grateful will allow your mind to refocus on the things that truly matter.  Third, PERSEVERE.  Perseverance means to persist in achieving a purpose despite obstacles and interference.  Working through your low vibration by focusing on your goals will uplift you.  Realize that it is only temporary and that a better day is on the horizon.  Lastly, stay present.  Let go of the past and the things you cannot change.  Release your worries by giving yourself permission to move forward.

Ultimately, we strive to be able to handle life’s little curve balls.  However, we are human and it is okay.  We are all on the journey…


About the Author:  Christine Segal, M.Ed., is a Certified Holistic Health
Coach having studied at Integrative Nutrition.  She has her own business called Inner Beauty Workshops where she teaches clients how to generate beauty from the inside out.  Christine is currently studying to become a Doctor of Spiritual Studies at Emerson Theological Institute.  She hosts a weekly radio show on Freedomizer Radio
called WakeUP & Live.   Website (www.innerbeautyworkshops.com)  Facebook:


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