Healing our Scars

Healing our Scars
May 22, 2013 Rev. Gabrielle Orr



Being fully alive means that we are encountering a wide variety of experiences and emotions throughout our life. One of our biggest lessons is to embrace the full spectrum of these experiences and to understand that it is all, good and bad, part of the whole. There is no inhale without an exhale, no sunrise without a sunset and no love without a broken heart.

As I am going with my own hurt and pain into my Akashic Records to ask for advice and peace I receive a wonderful image as an answer. My Akashic Records are showing me a broken heart ready to split and give up on life. They continue to show me a second image where the broken heart has healed and a big scar has grown over the split. My Records are smiling and telling me that this scar represents the beauty of life, the resurrection of my soul. This scar makes me who I truly am and they promise me that in retrospect, I will love this scar and what created it because it made me look for the beauty in others and allowed my heart to grow in forgiveness and find love and compassion for others. Their advice was to send love to my heart and to the hurt.

Send Love to the situation. When there is a situation that leaves us distressed the best we can do is to create a space of Love within ourselves and surround the stressful situation, or person, with this love.

I’d like to ask you as you read this to sit back, take a few conscious breathes and send Love to every situation or event that makes you uneasy and restless.

As you continue to breathe deeply send some love to other situations you care about and even further to the whole world. With each breath, feel the love you are emanating and know that through this divine love our world will become a better and brighter place to live in. You have the power to heal your heart.


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After earning a degree in Social Work in Germany, Gabrielle worked for several years with mentally disadvantaged children and coma patients. Her responsibilities included providing guidance as a life counselor for her clients and their families.Today, Reverend Gabrielle Orr is a certified Akashic Record Teacher and Consultant, Healing Touch Practitioner, Reiki Master, Body Talk Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, Massage Therapist, and Feng Shui Consultant. She teaches Akashic Record Classes and Retreats internationally since 2002.


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